Kang Actor Trial Postponed Until September, Will it benefit Him?
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Jonathan Majors, Kang Actor Trial Postponed Until September

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BY August 5, 2023

On August 3, 2023, the trial of Jonathan Majors, the actor who plays Kang in the MCU, should have taken place. This whole legal nightmare started for the actor last March 23, when the actor’s ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari accused the actor of beating her. This fact caused officers to arrest him, although he was released shortly after.

The actor went to court, although it can be deduced that he wasted his time since when he arrived. Upon the hearing, he found surprised that the session was suspended for September. Jonathan Majors faces a difficult situation that affected his career enormously. This damage to his projects was part of the statements of his defense, which added that he is the real victim here of racial discrimination.

Actor Kang’s Trial Moved to September

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Image: Warner Bros. Television Studios

The trial of Jonathan Majors, the actor who currently plays Kang the Conqueror in Marvel, was postponed to September. He was in court at 9 a.m. wearing a grey suit, along with his wife and a bible to face his accuser. However, the trial could not take place due to problems encountered by the prosecution.

Majors and his defense were ready, but the prosecution was not. In fact, they are still in the process of gathering evidence and requested a postponement of the trial. This led the judge to rule that the court actions will begin on September 6.   

The defense attorney for the actor who plays Kang, Priya Chaudhry, commented on this. As she left the court, the delay in the trial was due to an untimely delivery of evidence by the prosecution. According to the lawyer, they delivered several pieces of evidence untimely, so they must wait for additional time to study it.

This would mean almost 5 months with Majors fighting to prove his innocence. His attorney stated on several occasions that her client was innocent and that he was a victim of racial discrimination from the beginning. She also pointed out that they have several witnesses and recordings. This evidences shows that the actor is innocent and that the guilty party is the woman who was allegedly assaulted.

The lawyer also pointed out that the prosecution has no evidence proving Majors is guilty. However, they did amend the arraignment on a couple of occasions, although they are essentially the same according to Chaudhry’s comments.

The End of Jonathan Majors’ Career

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Image: Warner Bros. Television Studios

The more time passes with this trial, the more the wait affects the actor who plays Kang in the MCU. Jonathan Majors lost many opportunities and support from various groups and companies. For example, he lost a commercial he had developed for the U.S. Armed Forces to encourage registration in this organization.

He was also fired from Entertainment 360 and the Lede Company. Majors also lost a commercial that was part of Major League Baseball. And if that were not enough and did not appear in the promotion of Creed III.

Majors’ defense attorney stated that it was a terrible loss for the actor. He saw his career, which was at its peak, descend and plummet. The prosecution also commented on this postponement, stating that they want to present all the facts, which is why they requested it. 

There was also another unexpected twist in the trial, and it was related to Grace Jabbari. The ex-girlfriend of Kang’s actor. In a desperate attempt to turn the tables, Majors’ defense launched a counterclaim against the woman. This time, they alleged that she was. In fact, the one who assaulted the actor, so there is a possibility that she may have to go to court.

Marvel Studios is maintaining a stony silence regarding the whole process. Majors still have the consolation that he did not lose the role of Kang despite the trial. This character is the villain that Marvel characters will face in the next wave of MCU movies. Another fact that gives hope that he will continue is the strike of the actors and writers that took the pressure off the company to make a decision. 

Featured Image Via Gracw Jabbari Instagram 

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