Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Granted Temporary Order Of Protection
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Jonathan Majors’ Girlfriend Granted Temporary Protection Order Ahead Of Trial

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BY April 28, 2023

On March 25, actor Jonathan Majors was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. According to police statements, they received a 911 call alerting them to a possible fight. Upon arrival, they noticed that the woman had minor injuries, which led to the actor’s arrest.

Majors is fighting a legal battle to prove his innocence, which his defense team firmly affirms. Currently, the actor is free while the trial is being held. However, the judge issued an order of protection to the alleged victim until court proceedings begin.

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Alleged Victim Receives Support From the Court

Jonathan Majors arrest Image: Marvel Studios

Jonathan Majors and his girlfriend were involved in an assault and harassment case. Although the alleged victim recanted shortly after that, she received court protection until their trial on May 9. According to statements from the prosecutor’s office, the judge handling the case issued the protection order. This measure would imply that both parties cannot meet anywhere and have any contact, not even through intermediaries. The statement from the prosecutor’s office read as follows:

“Today a judge granted a Full Temporary Order of Protection for the victim, per the People’s request and with the consent of defense counsel. (At the time of arraignment, a Limited Temporary Order of Protection was granted.)”.

Jonathan Majors’ defense counsel also approved the measure, stressing that his client does not want to have any contact with his girlfriend, the woman who harmed his career. His legal team emphasized that their client is innocent, and they are publishing evidence to that effect. However, some of these measures seem to hurt the actor even more. A good example is the publication of their conversations shortly after the incident. Faced with this, many Twitter users claimed that those messages seemed like those of a battered woman.

Jonathan Majors’ lawyers assured that this action is common in this type of situation because there was aggression involved. However, they highlight the fact of the lack of conscience of the prosecution, considering the alleged evidence delivered to this body, showing the Majors’ innocence and that they continue with what they believe is a farce of a trial.

Kang’s Actor’s Defense Comments

The defense commented on the possibility of success in this case and the repercussions generated by this situation on the actor. They stressed that they have physical evidence and lab tests confirming that the alleged victim was not beaten at the club and that the injuries do not match the Majors’ physical structure.

Jonathan Majors’ defense stated that his girlfriend was lying and that they did not understand why the prosecution did not withdraw the cases against the actor. The Kang actor is a rising star in Hollywood, and this situation may have ended his career. On this, the major’s lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, said:

“We have been transparent and cooperative with the District Attorney, including giving the District Attorney ample evidence, including witness statements, of Mr. Majors’ innocence. In fact, we recently provided a forensic medical opinion from a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctor and Trauma Specialist. He has examined the photos and videos of the woman. After that he concludes, without hesitation, that the woman did not have any injuries at the nightclub and the injuries she later sustained did not come from Mr. Majors (and could not have come from the way the woman described).”

He also stated regarding Jonathan Majors’s girlfriend: “In fact, the forensic medical expert’s opinion shows that the woman is lying. It is disturbing that even when presented with this incontrovertible evidence, the District Attorney continues this false case”.

In addition to the alleged assault on his girlfriend, the prosecution obtained several alleged victims of Jonathan Majors. This witness came out to testify against the actor. All of this has huge consequences for Majors. One of them is the cancellation of the commercial for the Armed Forces because of this news. His manager at Entertainment 360 and his publicity manager at Lede Company also resigned.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Television Studios 

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