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Jinyoung to Star in a Webtoon Romance Drama Adaptation

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BY April 28, 2022

Sports Chosun media outlet reported on April 28 that Jinyoung, Got7 member, received an offer to play the lead role in the popular webtoon romance drama adaptation of Witch. BH Entertainment, the actor’s agency, released a statement later confirming the supposed offer to their talent. They further explained that the 27 years old idol/actor is in the process of reviewing the contract and is positively considering it. Kang Pool wrote and illustrated the Webtoon The Witch.


Screen Adaptation of Webtoon Romance Drama The Witch

jinyoung got7 Credit: Jinyoung JYP Entertainment

Kang Pool is one of the earliest webcartoonists in South Korea. He started in 2003 when things on manhwa were still uncertain. This is not the first work of Kang with an adaptation. His webtoon series ’26 Years’ and ‘The Neighbors’ also have a live-action version that earned raves from critics. It is not the first time that ‘ The Witch’ has been reported to have a live-action adaptation. In 2015, the news about the film adaptation of The Witch was announced by Next Entertainment World. It was reported by different agencies, including Yahoo and Hollywood Reporter. However, we later found out that the film had a different premise compared to the romance drama genre of the webtoon.


The Plot of the Story

webtoon romance drama Grey Lurker-Kang Pull

‘The Witch’ tells the story of a man who fell in love with a woman accused by society of being a witch. It is a perfect blend of mystery and romance, which is the common genre on Kang’s work. The frame of this adaptation of webtoon romance drama focuses on the woman who was cut off from the world. It also involves the man willing to risk his life for her, hoping that she will reestablish her connection to the world.

More than the romance and drama of the webtoon, I think the series want people to know how frightening speculations can be. It just so happened that misfortunes and tragic incidents always occur around her. Rumors started to spread that those who would fall in love with her would die. The malicious gossip began to spread in town and school, and people started calling her a witch. Jin Young will be playing the role of Lee Dong Jin, a statistician recruited by Shine Solution, a top analysis company.


The Rumored Cast of the Webtoon Romance Drama Adaptation

Noh Jung Ui Credit: Noh Jung Ui-Namoo Actors

Apart from Jinyoung of Got7, Sports Chosun also reported that the people behind the production offered Noh Jung Ui (18 Again) the female lead. She will be playing the role of Park Mi Jung, the woman involved in unfortunate turn of events. It will be helmed by Director Kim Tae Gyun, who handled the film adaptation of Higanjima. We could only hope that the webtoon romance drama adaptation will not disappoint the fans who have been waiting for this since the release of webtoon last 2013. There are rumors circulating that the production will release this in OTT platforms as early as today.


The filming of the adaptation of the webtoon romance drama will start soon. However, we understand that there could still be a chance of delayed production due to the increasing numbers of covid patients. Nonetheless, we are excited to see the drama series soon.

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