Jeremy Renner Workout After Terrible Snowplow
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Jeremy Renner Workout After Terrible snowplough

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BY February 20, 2023

Jeremy Renner workout after terrible accident published on his Instagram account. 

The actor who played Hawkeye in the MCU started the year off on the wrong foot. On January 1, he was run over by a 14,000-pound snowplough. After being in intensive care, a series of interventions and a lot of prayers and support from his fans, he made it out of the accident alive.

Renner posted the entire process from when he woke up. Later he updated us on his return home, where he went to rest and do his rehabilitation. About this last recovery activity, we saw the Jeremy Renner workout. In the video, we see how he performs therapy for muscle building and recovery of his bones.

Jeremy Renner Workout: The Actor Published a Reel Doing Physical Therapy

The actor posted a short video on his Instagram account, in which we can see what the Jeremy Renner workout consists of. In this one, we can see how they placed several electrodes on his leg and applied electric shocks. He also put in the caption that he is training to regain his physical strength.

In the video, which has as accompaniment music Lady Madonna by the Beatles, you can see how the electric shocks compress the muscles. It can also be seen that he is in the primary stages of recovery. This treatment is applied in physical therapy to alleviate muscle atrophy.

Understandably, Jeremy Renner’s workout will be slow and progressive due to the severity of his accident. The actor broke 30 bones in his body from the snowcat incident. From what he said, he is also doing exercise therapies to regain some of the mobility in his body.

As many expected, the actor would not be so calm, considering that he has some projects and activities pending.

Hawkeye, Injured Actor Continues to Work

Jeremy Renner Actor Image: Paramount+

Even though he is still recovering, we have already seen Jeremy Renner workout to recover. We have also seen him promoting his new productions. Among these are Rennervations, which is airing on Disney+ and the Mayor of Kingstown saga on Paramount +. 

On whether the actor can return to acting action, it is unlikely that he will do so soon, if we consider the type of therapy he was undergoing. Also because of the time it takes for bones to heal, which could mean several months of workout and rehabilitation for Jeremy Renner.

However, he has the advantage that the productions he was promoting are recent. These were filmed and, by the looks of it, are ready but not released. This could give Renner the time he needs to recover completely or at least enough time to participate again in a movie or series.

Some acquaintances of the actor consider that it could be sooner than many think. Considering that on several occasions, he was injured and still performed his scenes as if he had no problem. For the time being, we will surely see him more as a promoter of the series he participated in than as an actor.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios/Jeremy Renner Instagram 

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