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Jeremy Renner App Goes Down in a Blaze of Trolling

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BY February 19, 2021

Where were you the first time you heard that Jeremy Renner had an app? If you’re like some of my esteemed coworkers here at Comic Years, then you were in our work Slack last night. On the other hand, some of us have known about the app since its inception. It doesn’t matter anymore, though, because it’s gone. RIP in peace, the Jeremy Renner app.

Wait, Jeremy Renner Had an App?

Yes. Jeremy Renner Official, as it was known uh, officially, launched in early 2017. Most people looked at it with bemusement and a little confusion–one of the Avengers has an app?!–but it turned out, there was a market for it. Rennerinos, as some of them call themselves, eagerly downloaded. The app promised that you could stay connected to Renner and “do fun things” like “be seen by” him and “join exciting contests.” You could also gain access to exclusive content. If you’re a superfan, as apparently some people are, it’s a no-brainer. For non-fans, though, it seemed harmless, if a bit of a money-suck–fans could buy “stars” to boost their fan ranking–and aggressively non-essential. Then came the drama.

Jeremy Renner Image via The Verge

Not even a full year into the app’s existence, fans began to revolt. Amidst charges of censorship and rigged contests, Renner’s business partner Kristoffer Winters said, “I don’t even know if we’re going to keep the app.” But they must have weathered the storm somehow, because the Renner app kept truckin’. That is, until this year.

2019: The Trolls Descend

A coupla weeks ago, I noticed an uptick in Jeremy Renner mentions on my Twitter timeline. Specifically, folks were mentioning the app. People had noticed that it didn’t require users to verify their identities. After comedy writer Stefan Heck posted screenshots of his comment on the app, where he shared that he planned to spend the weekend indulging in adult entertainment, the floodgates opened. Dozens of Faux-Renners, along with at least one Casey Anthony impersonator (and an OJ Simpson), popped up on the app. It was pandemonium for about two weeks, and then it was all over.

Renner posted a note to the official app this week, announcing that “due to clever individuals that were able to manipulate ways to impersonate me and others within the app I have asked ESCAPEX, the company that runs this app to shut it down immediately and refund anyone who has purchased any stars over the last 90 days.” As such, the app has now disappeared from app stores.

In the wake of this, a few questions come to mind. Beyond the first that I’ve already answered–yes, he really did have an app–the main one is why now? As in, why did the trolls come for him this August in the year of our Lord 2019? It’s unclear, although there are some possibilities. You could chalk it to up to Renner’s increased visibility, for example. Besides Endgame, he also inexplicably has an Amazon store for camping gear (???) this year. And of course, there is the music, which he teased on Twitter and then unleashed on us through Jeep commercials. All of it adds up to a lot of Rennerino in our faces. So maybe that’s it. Or maybe it’s just not his summer.

Did y’all impersonate Jeremy Renner or enjoy his app sincerely? Let me know below or on the social medias, where you don’t even have to pay for me to notice you. (I notice everything.)

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