Javicia Leslie Shares First Look At Her In Batwoman Cowl
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Javicia Leslie Shares First Look At Her In Batwoman Cowl On Instagram

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BY February 11, 2021

Ever since Ruby Rose’s sudden departure from Batwoman, fans wondered how a series that is all about Kate Kane will go forward without her. While this question still lingers, new series lead Javicia Leslie shared a first look at herself in the Batwoman mask on her Instagram. Shortly after Ruby Rose’s vague statement on why she left, the producers cast Leslie as new character Ryan Wilder. All the questions fans have about how that will work, especially when so much of the series was centered around the people important to Kate Kane, remain. Yet, in her Instagram post, we see Javicia Leslie is Batwoman, and she’s mastered her cowl scowl.

Had the COVID-19 shutdown not happened, Batwoman would be set to premiere on the CW sometime soon. However, the series that shoot in Vancouver are only just now getting back into filming. Some shows, like Supernatural, have been back at it for a while. (And are done, because that show only had a handful of episodes to film.) Grainy, blurry shots of Javicia Leslie filming location scenes, both in and out of the Batwoman cowl, have shown up on social sites like Instagram or tabloids like TMZ. With premiere dates not set until late January 2021, it will be some time before we see her in full Bat-kicking action.

Still DC fans need sustenance, and thanks to events like DC FanDome, they’ve been eating pretty well. So, seeing Javicia Leslie’s Batwoman cowl for the first time on Instagram is a nice appetizer for a second course of reveals, new characters, and new directions for this show.

Javicia Leslie will appear as Ryan Wilder and Batwoman on the CW in 2021.

What do you think of the first look at the new Batwoman? Any #BatwomanIsKateKane holdouts intrigued by this new character and new direction for the show? Tell us in the comments below.

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