Hugh Jackman Cancer Free, Actor Tested Negative
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Hugh Jackman Cancer Free, Actor Tested Negative For Skin Desease

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BY April 7, 2023

We just got the fantastic news that Hugh Jackman is cancer free. The actor has been battling cancer since 2013, when his doctor detected small abnormalities in his skin. The latter suspected that they might be a small cluster of basal cell carcinomas. When his diagnosis was confirmed, the Wolverine actor performed all the procedures to heal his condition.

After years of treatment, Hugh Jackman announced that his cancer had gone into remission. His last test was negative and there are no traces of cancer cells. The actor celebrated this news, posting the results on his social networks, thanking the support of friends, family and fans who always encouraged him. He also urged his followers to take better care of their skin, warning that safety always comes first.

Hugh Jackman No Longer Has Skin Cancer

Actor Huch Jackman is cancer free, he stated in a video on his Twitter account. In the footage he announced that the latest tests on his skin were negative. It showed a bandage on his nose, covering the area where the skin was removed for the biopsy. Jackman gave me the good news and thanked me for the support I received.

Hugh Jackman’s official diagnosis was cancer known as basal cell carcinoma. This is the mildest cancer in the skin area. According to the actor’s doctor, it has the least spread in the body and a 90% chance of complete removal if detected early.

Hugh Jackman battled cancer in a long recovery process. He has been undergoing treatment and examination since 2013. The same year he was diagnosed, doctors removed his cancer. However, he underwent six subsequent interventions due to the case he presented.

According to Hugh Jackman’s statements, the treatment for skin cancer involves a thorough examination of the patient. For ten years, Jackman continuously reviewed to verify that cancer had disappeared entirely from his body.

Jackman also called for awareness in the publication, commenting to his followers that they should take care of themselves. Among the recommendations the actor gave was the application of high-protection sunscreen. He also indicated that they should avoid tanning beds, as showing off tanned skin was not worth the risk it entails.

More Details of Wolverine Actor’s Disease

Hugh Jackman workout Image: Hugh Jackman IG/Fox

Basal cell carcinoma, Hugh Jackman’s disease, is the most common skin cancer in the United States and tropical regions. The reason is the strong incidence of the sun’s rays on the skin, which tends to damage it and form these formations.

The treatment of this disease is quite effective and simple if treated in time. 

Experts also point out that it is one of the least aggressive cancers that exist to date. To avoid this disease, specialists recommend avoiding the sun’s rays at their highest intensity.

Another recommendation the specialists gives is the constant use of sunblock, especially when they go out during the day and in front of the computer. In addition, the doctors indicated that there should be a periodic check-up. To detect this type of disease in time and avoid future complications, it is important to detect it early.     

The actor Hugh Jackman had this cancer of the face. It is a disease that usually manifests itself in the nose, since it is the region with the highest incidence due to the sun. However, other areas should be checked to verify. Doctors recommend inspecting the crotch area. This area is important due to recent reported cancer cases similar to Hugh Jackman in that region of the body.

Dr. Arif Kama confirmed the latter in an interview: “There has been an increase in melanoma appearing in areas not exposed to the sun, such as the armpit, genital area and between the toes. So it’s important to check, or have a partner or dermatologist check, the whole body once a year.”

Featured Image Via Image: Hugh Jackman Twitter 


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