Henry Cavill’s Superman Replaced: Warner Doesn't Want Him back
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Henry Cavill’s Superman Replaced: Warner Doesn’t Want Him Back

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BY July 19, 2022

The DC Cinematic Universe is in complete chaos because of the problems with its characters. Not only because of the external issues of Ezra Miller, the actor who portrays The Flash. There is also another problem, and that is with DC’s most important character, Superman. There are well-founded rumours that Warner Bros. wanted Henry Cavill’s Superman replaced. The character hasn’t appeared on the big screen since 2017.

Since 2013, when Man of Steel was released, there hasn’t been another Henry Cavill movie as the main protagonist. This star appeared in three Justice League-related films, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Since the latter, the character has not appeared, only a few appearances of Superman, but without showing his face.

Henry Cavill’s Superman… Will he be back?

Henry Cavill's Superman Image via Warner Bros.

This is the question fans have been asking for years: will Henry Cavill’s Superman return? All the fans have demanded it from Warner Bros. However, the situation between the studio and the actor is not easy. This conflict is for economic and personal reasons between the directors and Cavill. However, everything points to Warner Bros. wanting Henry Cavill’s Superman replaced.

Cavill’s return as Superman is complicated; many allude that the reason is the economic conflict between both parties. However, the problem is more complex. While it is true that Cavill’s cache has increased in recent years, he has expressed his interest in returning to don the cape on several occasions. However, the studio not only rejected Cavill’s proposal but made its offer to the actor public, leaving him in a bad light, something that angered Cavill.

This situation could prevent him from returning to the role, although he had recently started this. He emphasized that he could return if the studio gave him a better deal, greater creative freedoms and better pay for the work.

Warner Bros. Role in Negotiations

Henry Cavill not Superman Flash. Image via Warner Bros.

Warner Bros., for its part, has not shown much desire to continue with Cavill as Superman. They were planning four years ago to replace the actor as the last son of Krypton. Another idea that would have materialised is replacing the character with Supergirl, Kal-El’s cousin. This idea has not been completely ruled out, as she will have a significant appearance in The Flash movie. However, fans have bombarded Warner on the networks for the character’s return. Henry Cavill’s Superman replacement may upset DC fans a lot. So it is doubtful they will erase Superman from the DC Cinematic Universe.

In The Flash movie, there is likely to be a change in the character. There already was with Batman himself, with the supposed departure of Ben Affleck and the reappearance of Michael Keaton, the original Batman. It is quite likely that DC will change the actor or the approach to the character, using this event as a starting point and placing a new Superman without Henry Cavill.

Warner Bros. Wants Henry Cavill’s Superman Replaced

Henry Cavill’s Superman Replaced Image: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has been avoiding Cavill’s Superman appearance in recent DC productions. The major wants Henry Cavill’s Superman replaced. The character has appeared as a cameo of sorts in films such as Shazam and Peacemaker. However, this has been a double that has participated in each of the films, that is to say, Henry Cavill has not participated.

This seems to continue as information about Superman’s upcoming cameo appearance has leaked in the Black Adam movie. It is known that there will be an appearance by Superman at the end when Amanda Waller warns the anti-hero not to do anything bad and that there is someone stronger than him on her side.

Warner stated about it and has detailed that Cavill is not willing to appear in cameos only. The actor wants a solo movie with the character of Superman and returns to use that suit as the main protagonist. However, the company has not given in to the request of the actor who refuses to appear in cameos.

Warner seems determined to get Cavill out of the studio and out of the character even though there is no way to do it yet. The cameos only show that they are trying to preserve the Superman character. But the refusal to make a Superman movie with Henry Cavill suggests they are either looking for a replacement or have already found one and just need to bring him in.

Most likely, DC productions will continue to feature stunt performers in the Superman costume. However, a different cameo in The Flash is possible, considering a possible introduction of a new version of the character.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros.








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