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HBO Max and Peacock Run Into Trouble With Roku and Amazon

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BY July 15, 2020
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Watching films and television from the comfort of your own home has not only evolved over the past decade. Some remain faithful to cable, while others are strict supporters of streaming services. How you get your content looks different for a lot of people. But then again, so does the way that you watch it. While I may be a faithful laptop and tablet streamer, others refuse to stream unless it can be displayed on their TV screens. For these streamers, a problem may be arising. HBO Max and Peacock are having some issues with Roku and Amazon when it comes to sharing the stage.

HBO Max And Peacock Having Troubles With Roku and Amazon

Peacock on Roku, Amazon Fire TV I guess it’s not everywhere. Image via Peacock TV/NBCUniversal on Facebook.

Roku is a handy player that lets buyers stream content on your television. This includes Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, among other channels and streaming services. Roku boxes have been around since 2008, immediately helping streaming fans find new ways to enjoy their content. Since their creation, they’ve evolved into full Roku TV products, and have their own Roku Channel.

Amazon has also established its own way to stream on television screens. The Amazon Fire TV product can plug into a television’s HDMI port, instantly turning your screen into a smart tv.

These kinds of products are undoubtedly useful for people who prefer a larger screen and for families and friend groups who cherish their movie nights. Unfortunately, Peacock and HBO Max subscribers may not have an easy time.

What’s Going On With HBO Max and Peacock?

Logo for HBO Max, potential home for a Justice League Snyder Cut Documentary Image via HBO.

Peacock is the newest addition to the streaming wars. This platform allows you to access NBCUniversal content. What sets Peacock apart is the ability to access it for free (with advertisements and reduced content). A Peacock Premium subscription is also available, with two price tiers depending on whether you’re willing to put up with ads.

This new service can be streamed almost anywhere. Apple devices and Google platforms allow you to access Peacock with ease. When asked about why Peacock was not available to watch with Roku, the smart TV company explained that Comcast “refused” reasonable terms. Amazon has not given an explanation.

The missing service mimics a similar problem earlier this year when HBO Max could not work out a deal with both Roku and Amazon. HBO Max launched on May 27th and has yet to secure a deal with either smart TV platform.

Much of the issues boil down to user data and advertising. Roku uses a model of splitting inventory, with 30% of the channel’s ad server going straight to Roku. CNBC has explained that Peacock is trying to negotiate for closer to 15% of ad inventory, adding that Amazon has similar concerns with a future Peacock deal.

Game of Thrones Final Season But how will we stream Game of Thrones? Image via HBO

Why Does This All Matter?

Amazon Fire TV and Roku are two of the largest companies when it comes to products that allow you to stream content on a television. They are so popular, in fact, that they make up almost 70% of customers with streaming media players. Roku has more than 32 million users, and Amazon is just ahead of them with 40 million.

Keeping two new players in the streaming wars from being able to stream their content hurts more than just the streaming company. Potential subscribers may decide not to purchase a subscription to the streaming services or may have to go through the hassle of finding another way to watch their content. The platforms are also hurt as they lose out on millions of subscribers.

Will Subscribers Get To Stream Their Preferred Content Soon?

If you use Roku or Amazon Fire TV, you might be patiently waiting to find out if Peacock and HBO Max are in your future. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say if these streaming platforms will make a deal any time soon. Peacock “remains in talks” with potential partners. Amazon is also eager to add the new services, but seem to be at a standstill with negotiations.

All of the uncertainty and lengthy negotiations are a reminder that streaming services aren’t as simple as they once were. With so many players in the game, it’s tough to find a solution that keeps everyone happy. As people make the permanent switch from cable to streaming, the future of the streaming wars is sure to be a bumpy ride.

Readers, we want to hear from you! Do you use a Roku device or Amazon Fire TV? Has the inability to access Peacock or HBO Max made you think twice about subscribing? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Warner Media.

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