Harry Styles Spits On Chris Pine from Don't Worry Darling
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Harry Styles Spits On Chris Pine, Don’t Worry Darling Controversy

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BY October 2, 2022

Warner’s Don’t Worry darling continues to cause controversy about the film and the team that developed it. Previously we had the drama between the breakup of director Olivia Wilde and co-star Nick Kroll. This rivalry was evidenced by little or no eye contact between her and the actor. Now we have an event during its premiere at the Venice Film Festival that has gone viral on social media: the video where Harry Styles spits on Chris Pine. This incident was not confirmed yet, although it has caused a lot of commotion and even memes on social media. 

Harry Styles Spits on Chris Pine, Don’t worry Darling Controversy

Don't Worry Darling Source: The Mary Sue

Don’t worry darling continues to cause controversy on social media for the interactions that the actors and even the director Olivia Wilde herself have had. First, we find the incident with Shia LaBeouf, the protagonist of Transformers. The director fired him because of accusations over the actor of violence and sexual abuse.

Although the director already made the decision, Shia LaBeouf would have sent a long chain of text messages to protest. The actor’s place was taken by Harry Styles, which would have caused sensations in both the world of film and music.

The argument would not end there. It would begin with the comments and rumors that there would be a relationship between Wilde and Styles. That made her hiring question a lot too, which the director stated at the time that she did it that way because of her “feisty energy”. She also added another reason: to “Save Pugh.”


Florence pugh in little women, later dune part 2 Image via Sony Pictures Releasing.

However, Pugh was not so much in agreement with these statements. Some say she was the one who started the rumors. This is because of a very big salary gap between her and Styles. The payment of the actress would be a third of the Styles, 700 thousand dollars for her and two and a half million dollars for Styles.

Subsequently, we have the rumors of a romance between Wilde and Nick Kroll and their breakup. This relationship was evident at the festival, as they avoided each other throughout the ceremony. In fact, they didn’t even look at each other.

The Dispute Continues

Now when everything is over, a very strong scene is denoted in the middle of the festival. In this one, we can see how Harry Styles spits on Chris Pine. Since the latter stopped clapping and stared at the floor, detailing what his colleague would have left him.

What Was the Reason Why he Spits on Him?

Image: Twitter Matt Ramos/Warner Bros.

There are many rumors about a possible conflict between Pines and Styles. First, the cast did not feel comfortable with the relationship between Wilde and the British actor. This discomfort is due to the salary detail we mentioned before and because Wilde was still in a relationship with Jason Sudeikis. This situation could be one of the reasons why Harry Styles spits on Chris Pine.

Perhaps there were specific Pines comments towards the secret couple, which could have created resentment in Styles. This could have caused Harry Styles to spit on Chris Pine in front of everyone as a sign of revenge or contempt.

Others point out that Styles’ relationship with the rest of the cast is quite bad, as his “Energy” does not please any of them. This has led to internal quarrels and disputes over the actor’s possible stay. 

Although a large number of fans claim that he did spit it out because of his position and Pines’ reactions. Other Twitter users suggest that there was no such action and that he only pretended to spit on him.

For example, a shot of another angle that Variety staff had indicated that Styles was far away from Pines when he made that gesture. This other angle could indicate that he did not spit it out but that it was simply an optical illusion of the shot. As for the reaction of Pines, they detail that it was because his sunglasses would have fallen at the time of the ovation.

For the time being, none of the people involved have commented anything, nor have they been able to confirm anything. We will have to wait for what statements they give and what repercussions this would have in cinema.

According to the video, do you think Harry Styles spits on Chris Pine? We’ll read you in the comments.

Featured Image Via Matt Ramos Twitter/Warner Bros


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