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Green Arrow And The Canaries Not Picked Up For Series At The CW

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BY February 11, 2021

The backdoor pilot in Arrow’s last season would have told the tale of two of Oliver Queen’s friends and his adult daughter from the future. Green Arrow and the Canaries would have been a great show, but sadly it’s not been picked up by the CW. The options for the cast expired last year, as other CW series, like Superman and Lois, are already in production. So, the news that producers Beth Schwartz and Marc Guggenheim knew for a year is finally out. Unfortunately, it seems like there are no ways for the show to move to HBO Max or anything like that. While we have learned to never say “never” where Warner Bros. and DC heroes are concerned, it seems that the Green Arrow and the Canaries not being picked up at CW brings to an end, for now, the saga of Mia Smoak and William Queen.

Backdoor pilot Green Arrow and the Canaries Mia and William Green Arrow And The Canaries Not Picked Up For Series At The CW Image via CW

As noted last year, I absolutely think this series should have gotten at least a 13-episode season order. It would have allowed for the DC series to further play with the multiverse and time-travel. They could have built to another epic crossover with world-shattering implications. As the series set in the past continued to evolve and affect the future, Green Arrow and the Canaries could adapt their status quo to those changes. It would be massively challenging and could have failed, but it would be the kind of big swing the Arrowverse is known for.

Still, while we mourn the series that could-have-been, we should also take a moment to celebrate what we did get. Kat McNamara proved herself worth of a superhero costume and excelled in the role of the jilted child of a pair of legends. Family drama just work for sci-fi.

As the star said on Twitter:

In a tweet of his own, Guggenheim said that the pandemic shutdown was “the deciding factor” in picking up the series. Everyone lost money last year, and the high-concept series featuring people we’d all seen before was not a series gamble the network was willing to take. However, it’s possible that when deals with Netflix expire and other series possibly come to an end, this is an idea that could be revisited.

Alas, we’ll always have Arrow.

What do you think about Green Arrow and the Canaries not being picked up by the CW? Share your thoughts, reactions, and hopes for possible reboots in the comments below.

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