Francesca Scorsese Trolls Father With Marvel Christmas Wrapping Paper
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Francesca Scorsese Trolls Famous Father Martin With Marvel Christmas Wrapping Paper

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BY May 20, 2022

It’s been a big year for Martin Scorsese. He finally got to see the premiere of his film The Irishman. And he also took on the biggest pop culture fandom going, when he said that Marvel movies aren’t cinema. This led to a lot of online arguing about whether superhero films are saving cinema or destroying it. The famed director, unfortunately, found that this discussion dominated the press tour for his new film with Netflix. Still, it’s clear that even his family has a sense of humor about all the tumult. On Instagram, his daughter Francesca Scorsese showed her followers she wrapped her father’s gifts in Marvel wrapping paper. She tagged Jana Heaton in the post, who shared it on her own social media page, adding “ghostwriting jokes.”

Francesca Scorsese Martin Marvel Wrapping Paper Screenshot Instagram Image via screengrab

Who Is Francesca Scorsese?

Francesca Scorsese Martin Marvel Wrapping Paper Featured via Instagram Image by Francesca Scorsese via Instagram

Francesca, aged 20, is the youngest daughter of Martin Scorsese. The 77-year-old director has been married five times in his life. Francesca’s mother is his current wife, Helen Schermerhorn Morris, who married Martin in 1999. Francesca is an actor and filmmaker herself, having appeared in both The Aviator and The Departed. She also appeared in Boardwalk Empire as a child, and, according to IMDB, is currently filming a TV mini-series titled We Are Who We Are. The series comes from creator Sean Conway, and also stars Kid Cudi, Alice Braga, and Spence Moore II, a regular on All American.

While it’s doubtful, it’d be fun to see the reaction Francesca Scorsese gets from her father when he sees the Marvel wrapping paper. Whether one agrees with Martin Scorsese about the state of cinema or not, there is no question the controversy blew out of proportion. The famed director often railed against action films, calling them “theme-park rides.” And it should surprise no one who is a fan of Marvel that the 77-year-old has a hard time latching on to these stories.

What do you think about the controversy, Francesca Scorsese’s joke, or Marvel movies themselves? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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