F Murray Abraham Mythic Quest Actor Alleged Sexual Harassment
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F. Murray Abraham Mythic Quest And Moon Knight Actor Fired For Sexual Misconduct

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BY April 20, 2023

Actor F Murray Abraham stars in one of Apple TV’s most successful productions, Mythic Quest. This series tells the story of a video game writer with a somewhat arrogant personality who clashes with his peers. The series is already in its third season, and a recent event will cause a change of course in the plot.

The situation was the firing of F. Murray Abraham, an actor known for Moon Knight and White Lotus. Although Apple and Lionsgate, the studio in charge of the filming process of this series, did not comment on anything, certain sources imply serious accusations against the actor.

F. Murray Abraham Mythic Quest Actor Accused of Sexual Misconduct

El actor de 'The White Lotus' F. Murray Abraham fue expulsado de la serie  de AppleTV+ ' Image: Apple TV

F. Murray Abraham, Mythic Quest actor, was officially fired from the production. Lionsgate made the action, although they did not give many statements about it, indicating that they do not comment on anything related to their employees. However, internal sources revealed that the 83-year-old Oscar-winning actor had an inappropriate approach to some actresses.

According to Rolling Stone, the actor had at least two mishaps inside the production set of the series. The first was a wake-up call Abraham received, telling him not to approach the actresses on the show. However, F Murray Abraham ignored the call and had an altercation with an actress, drawing the attention of Rob McElhenney, the creator of Mythic Quest, causing his immediate dismissal. 

In this series, Abraham played CW Longbottom, a writer of science fiction and fantasy stories for video games. He worked for a company that bears the same name as the show. He had a pretentious personality that clashed with many people around him, such as his children and the staff at work.

The exit of F Murray Abraham’s character happened at the beginning of the third season of Mythic Quest. It was epic and appropriate for the character, respecting his acceptance by the audience. In its finale, we see how the other members of the video game studio return to their posts and find a letter from Longbottom. In it, they detail that the writer has little time left to live and that he wrote a plot for a game based on his life. Ultimately, we see him end his life by plunging off a cliff in a Thunderbird and then sending his remains into space.

A Fourth Season in Progress

Mythic Quest. Temporada 2 (2021) Crítica: comedia de Apple TV+ vuelve a  triunfar Image: Apple TV Mythic Quest

Despite eliminating F Murray Abraham’s character, the Mythic Quest series continues to be a success, and Apple TV will not miss this opportunity. Therefore, it has already confirmed a fourth season, although it will not have the contribution of Longbottom, which causes many doubts among fans, considering previous precedents.

An example of the latter would be the case of Charley Sheen, the actor who starred in Warner’s Two and a Half Men. After he departed for insulting producer Chuck Lorre, Ashton Kutcher came in to replace him, but the series left much to be desired and ended up ending.

Some fans anticipate that F Murray Abraham’s departure from Mythic Quest will have a similar effect. However, we are dealing with one of the best comedy series on Apple TV, and the production company will try to continue without the character. McElhenney commented that it would be upsetting to continue the series without Abraham, especially given how outstanding his performance in his character was and how much the audience liked him. He commented as follows:

“But we recognize that CW is a beloved character and obviously a huge part of the show. So, we made sure that we have a really fitting tribute to him. We definitely address it in a big way”.

Featured Image Via Apple TV 

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