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Ezra Miller Arrested: Flash Star Meets Police Force

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BY April 1, 2022

Unfortunately, if you read a news story about Ezra Miller that’s not about their work, then it’s often nothing good. I mean, sometimes it’s good, as in entertaining. Take the recent video in which they inexplicably threatened a rando Klan chapter. However, other times the controversy that embroils Miller is less fun. That’s the case this week as news breaks that police arrested Ezra Miller Sunday night. As we were all watching the bananas proceedings that was this year’s Academy Awards, Hawaii police arrested the Flash star in a karaoke bar. Yup, checks out.

(Note: Miller uses they/them pronouns.)

Ezra Miller Arrested As Character Wins Fan-Voted Oscar Poll

One of the big stories out of the Oscars Sunday night was the results of the fan-driven polls. In an effort to, I don’t know, be more egalitarian, the Academy opened up its annual award show to popular vote. Specifically, they let fans vote in two special categories. One was the fan favorite category, which recognized films that didn’t necessarily garner nominations.

ezra miller arrested image via ABC

The other was the Cheer Moment, wherein fans voted for the scene in any movie that made them, well, stand up and cheer. For my money–a bonus book of Miracle Strip Amusement Park ride tickets–the winner of both should have been Malignant. The winner of the Fan Favorite, though, was Army of the Dead. And taking the Cheer Moment was a scene they called “The Flash Enters the Speed Force.”

While it (probably?) meant a lot to the legion of Zach Snyder fans who pushed for the release of his Justice League, many other Oscar viewers were dumbstruck. It quickly became a meme, mostly because it’s such a funny phrase. If you haven’t seen the movie, then it just sounds like nonsense. To much of the audience, it’s like they gave the Cheer Moment to “Kitty Cat Joins Calculator Spirit.” Oh, yeah. That moment.

Flash Star Arrested in Hilo Karaoke Bar

Anyway, while all this was going on, Ezra Miller was apparently having a big ol’ time in Hawaii. According to the Hawaii Police report, though, that time soured. While at the bar, Miller became so upset that they began hollering and using pay channel language. (Oh, my stars!) The bar’s owner tried to deescalate the situation, but Miller would not be soothed.

At one point, for instance, they tried to charge at some guy who was playing darts. Miller also yanked the microphone away from a gal who was only halfway through her tune. (There is no word, though, on what she was crooning. UPDATE: It was “Shallow” from A Star Is Born.) In fact, according to sources, that seems to be part of the trigger for this little come-apart. According to the police statement, which hilariously refers to Miller as “Vermont Visitor,” the actor “became agitated when people began singing karaoke.” Yes, at a karaoke bar.

flash star ezra miller arrested image via Warner Bros

After that, the local fuzz arrested the Flash star, charging them with disorderly conduct (the mic thievery) and harassment (interfering with the darts player). They booked them, then they were released after posting their $500 bail. And that seems to be the end of this chapter. It’s likely, though, that it won’t be the end of bonkers Ezra Miller stories. Like that Klan thing.

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