Embracer Group Lord of the Rings, The Group Is The New Owner
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Embracer Group Is The New Owner Of Lord of the Rings, And They Have Exciting Plans

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BY November 18, 2022

The Lord of the Rings franchise has a new owner, Embracer Group. They have given the first hint of what they plan to do with the works. Embracer has all the intellectual property rights to the franchise, including making and producing movies, park attractions, games, and themes.

The CEO and co-founder of this group, Lars Wingefors, should have gone into details. But he did hint that he is consulting with his stakeholders.

This agreement includes commercial partners and film companies on the best use of intellectual property for this world leader in fantasy.

The executive needed to make clear who was included or whether Discovery and Warner Bros. would participate. But he did state that they are already working on future projects, so they will soon give news about the fate of this famous franchise.

Embracer Group Talks About Lord of the Rings

Lord Of The Rings anime movie heroes Image via New Line Cinema.

Embracer Group, the new owner of Lord of the Rings, is well known. This group has activities in video games, mobile devices, and board games, all in digital and card games but already in physical ones.

Lars Wingefors has not gone into details about the negotiation. But he has indicated that it is too early to “give color to our specific plans As.” the CEO and founder of this company stated in the Q2 overview, “I think it’s still early days. Looking at the film and TV side, there is substantial interest in several of our key IPs for the future.”

Winners went on to say that it is still very early days and discussions are still ongoing to join forces and make the right decisions for the Lord of the Rings franchise.

But the projects are going in favor of Lord of the Rings and games. All this is a function of the fact that one of the companies associated with Embracer Group is Freemode, led by Lee Guinchard, whose corporate purpose is games and entertainment.

Currently, Embracer Group has four games licensed on Lord of the Rings, which are in the production phase and have associated external developments.

Wingefors also made it clear that the board of directors of this important company is going to make, as usual, a special review of the current business to propose the strategies to follow and future projects.

What will happen with The Rings of Power?

Rings of Power Trailer, Hobbit, Middle-Earth, Galadriel, Elrond, Dwarven Princess, Black Elf, Vanity Fair, JRR Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings, Elrond (Image: New Line Cinema)

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series is receiving harsh criticism. It has yet to be as successful as expected.  The investment made in the series has been quite high. The first season alone cost around $465 million, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. That’s not even counting the fact that Amazon spent about $250 million for the rights alone.

Rotten Tomatoes put the level of reviews received by the series at 85%, which were pretty solid. Its reception from viewers has been fatal. According to this indicator, only the audience is at 39%, and on Metacritic, it has a user rating of 2.5. This may be due to the constant bombardment of reviews by racist fans who spoke out because the cast included people of color in important roles.

Rings of Power Trailer, Hobbit, Middle-Earth, Galadriel, Elrond, Dwarven Princess, Black Elf, Vanity Fair, JRR Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings, Elrond (Image: Amazon Prime Studios)

Despite this, Amazon confirms that Rings of Power to date is one of its greatest shows. But when it has touched on the audience, it has always been cautiously silent on the subject. At the end of the season, perhaps many of us expected some report, but nothing. On the contrary, HBO showed its audience House of the Dragon, its fantasy series.

To which a week after the end of the first season is when Amazon manifests itself, revealing a figure “approaching 100 million viewers to date”. A figure that Variety handled by the statistics provided by Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon Studios.

For this reason, the doubt has been shown if Amazon, the audience driven by Rings of Power, has been a success, what will happen with its permanence? Thus, we are left to expect what will happen with the series in the coming days.

Featured Image Via New Line Cinema 

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