Don’t Fail This City With Green Arrow In Fortnite This January
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Don’t Fail This City With Green Arrow In Fortnite This January

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BY December 23, 2020

The folks at Fortnite are great when it comes to using their game to help promote and celebrate other icons of geek culture. Most recently, they ended their fourth season with a huge event featuring Marvel Comics characters facing off against everyone’s favorite purple planet-eater Galactus. They also have characters from Star Wars, including The Mandalorian in the game, and held a huge event where fans could actually hear Palpatine’s return broadcast in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. There was also a Travis Scott concert in-game. Yet, it’s not just a collaboration with Disney. DC Comics is getting into the mix with a Green Arrow coming to Fornite this January.

The skin is based on the Emerald Archer’s look from the final season of Arrow on CW. While the model doesn’t favor him, the beard the Green Arrow wears is less the sunlight yellow goatee of the comics and more like Stephen Amell’s perennial scruff. Along with the Green Arrow skin, their subscribers will get the Tactical Quiver Back Bling and a Boxing Glove Pickaxe. (This is surely a riff on the Green Arrow’s most ridiculous unique arrow, the Boxing Glove Arrow.

Fortnite’s subscribers can access the new Green Arrow skin a little before January hits officially. Members of the Fortnite Crew—their subscription service for around $12 per month—can start using him on December 31, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Fortnite’s partnership with Marvel is at an end. Crew members can get Captain Marvel next month as well. December’s rewards are also still available.

From the Fortnite website:

“As our first month of Fortnite Crew reaches an end, it’s not too late to subscribe and get this December’s items before they rotate out for now. Sign up and you’ll receive the following:

“December Crew Pack: Galaxia

“January Crew Pack: Green Arrow

“Access to the Chapter 2 – Season 5 Battle Pass

“1,000 V-Bucks”

As a note, the “V-bucks” are in-game currency, and are granted each month on the day you subscribe.

What do you think of Green Arrow coming to Fortnite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via Epic Games

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