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Directors On Directing Comic-Con At Home Panel Gives Insight To Behind-The-Scenes Work

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BY February 23, 2021

SDCC 2020 may be over, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped watching the panels! The reviews on Comic-Con’s virtual event may be varied. Still, there is no denying that the accessibility of the con is far greater than it has ever been. There were few big announcements made this year, but what they did shine at was giving in-depth panels about all of the behind-the-scenes events that happen in the entertainment industry. We watched the Directors on Directing Comic-Con at Home panel to gain a better understanding of one of the most essential jobs in filmmaking.

Watch the entire Collider: Directors on Directing Comic-Con at Home panel below.

Directors on Directing Comic-Con at Home Panel

This panel featured three experienced directors. Robert Rodriguez, director of the Spy Kids franchise and Alita: Battle Angel, took part to discuss his film We Can Be Heroes. Joseph Kosinski, best known for his work on Tron: Legacy and the upcoming Top Gun: Maverickwas also present. Joining them is Colin Trevorrow, the Jurassic World director with story credits on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Steven Weintraub of Collider is present as the moderator.

Rodriguez, Kosinski, and Trevorrow all have their fair share of experience in the entertainment industry, with most of their credits coming from directing jobs. The unique role of a director on the set of a film can be misunderstood. They are there to do more than monitor cameras, but they also don’t have complete freedom over the movie. Instead, they are present to manage all of the creative aspects of a film’s production, creating the overall essence of a film’s script.

Directors on Directing Comic-Con at Home Jurassic World, directed by Colin Trevorrow. Image via Universal Pictures.

The Battles That A Director Faces

One of the first questions posed to the directors is about the thing that often surprises people about directing. A unanimous answer immediately emerged, and it was about the amount of time that it takes to direct a film. Kosinski compared it to raising a child, saying that it is their role to nurture the film long before (and after) the shooting happens.

Another important and often surprising role of a director is to convince studios why their movie deserves release in movie theaters. In the current age of streaming, some directors must fight hard to ensure that their films see a theatrical release. This sends them to the key decision-makers, allowing directors an opportunity to explain why their story should be told at all, and what emotional experiences it will provoke. Can the same experience come from streaming it in your home, or will it only happen from the big screen?

Comic-Con At Home Panel Gives Advice To Future Directors

Have you ever considered becoming a film director? Don’t let their warnings of lengthy projects scare you away! The Directors on Directing Comic-Con at Home panel gave some great advice to people who may someday hold the title of a film’s director. One of the most important lessons shared is that confidence and passion are essential throughout every step of the filmmaking process, but especially when it comes to pitching a film. Studios can feel your passion, which can sometimes be enough to earn a job.

Another piece of advice comes from the importance of casting. These directors have worked with big names from Tom Cruise and Chris Pratt to Antonio Banderas and Jeff Bridges. So, it’s clear that they’ve had some luck in the casting department! Trevorrow’s biggest piece of advice is to always be a supporting and caring director. Why? Because actors talk, and a good reputation can go a long way!

Directors on Directing Comic-Con at Home TRON: Legacy, directed by Joseph Kosinski. Image via Walt Disney Studios.

Directors On Directing Asks Questions About Fan Service

Fan service is when a filmmaker includes elements that are specifically designed to please a fan base. With loud fans constantly voicing their opinions over social media, it’s hard to ignore their influence. This is especially true in movies that already have a large following, whether it be from comic books or previous films in the franchise. This panel had a lot to say when asked how directors navigate this tough topic.

For Trevorrow, it’s all about respecting how personal stories can be to a person. The people who let their feelings be known have a clear emotional bond to a story. While you can’t always incorporate their desires into a film, you can honor the story as best as you can.

Rodriguez gave a similar answer. He recognizes that you can’t please everyone. Though, no matter what route you take with the story, you still need to be authentic with its creation. Kosinski agreed, adding that while fan service may be alluring, you have to do what’s best to serve the story as a whole.

Virtual Comic-Con Is Good at Giving Insight and Is Enough For Some

Sure, we’re disappointed that we didn’t get any major announcements at Comic-Con this year. We’re also sad that we didn’t get to attend meet-and-greets or watch any fan interactions. While much of the excitement of the event was taken away, we’re still left with hundreds of hours of educational and insightful panels by highly experienced directors, actors, producers, writers, and more.

Robert Rodriguez, Colin Trevorrow, and Joseph Kosinski all have some incredible experiences from their directing work. We’re thankful that the Directors on Directing Comic-Con at Home panel was able to shed some light at some of the lesser-known facts and thoughts of the industry.

Did you learn anything from the Comic-Con at Home event? Please share your favorite panel with us in the comments below!

Featured image via Comic-Con International on Facebook.

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