DC FanDome in 2022? An Event Plagued by Problems
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DC FanDome in 2022? An Event Plagued by Problems

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BY June 29, 2022

A trend-setting event in other years was the DC FanDome, especially in 2021. In 2020, Warner Bros used digital means to present the event, considering the biosecurity measures due to the pandemic. Attendance did not exceed expectations in that year, but in 2021 it was successful. In both opportunities, the event was free. People could learn more about new productions in series, games, and movies. Despite the success of this event last year, the doubt still exists if we will have a DC FanDome in 2022. This is because of the recent events in the DC Universe.

Will There Be a DC FanDome in 2022?

DC FanDome 2021 trailer featured. Image via DC Comics.

This is the question that many DC fans are asking right now, considering the date we are currently. In years past, it happened the same way. However, they were done using digital tools by COVID-19. Everyone is wondering if DC will do an in-person event this year with the return of in-person events.

The first DC FanDome was in 2020 during the CoVID-19 pandemic. In this, DC announced that they would do the event online for the safety of health issues. It featured series, animations, video games, and movies. The audience enjoyed the upcoming releases that this comic book world would have in the future.

The year 2021 was even better as it had triple the audience. In this one, Warner Bros. presented movie premieres again. We saw trailers and information about The new Batman movie, Black Adam, The Flash, and Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom.

DC FanDome virtual fan event neighborhood map Image via DC Entertainment

In the year 2022, there has been no news regarding the organization of a new DC FanDome event. There is still time, considering they have the resources to organize the event and how much the public liked the new two versions. The spaces are available, as Warner Bros. Discovery has many options in this aspect.

Therefore the possibility of a new event in 2022 is not impossible, considering the time factors. However, other factors may affect the realization of the event. Among these are the recent disaster in DC movies and the economic situation they are going through.  

DC’s Problems

Amber Heard to appeal Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.

The problems at DC have been somewhat evident in recent times. First of all, the departure of Henry Cavill in the character of Superman due to issues with the studio. We have a similar case with Ben Affleck, who left the role of Batman because he was not interested in it and because of bad experiences during the production of Justice League (2017). The actor once stated that his dream of playing a hero turned into a nightmare.

Another negative aspect has been the delay of the movies announced at DC FanDome 2021. Black Adam was delayed again, changing the release date from July 29 to October 21 of the current year. The Flash movie was also delayed. The reasons are still unknown, but everything points out that it was related to the actor’s problems. 

Ezra Miller's Career Is Over (Image: Hawaii Police Department)

This case has been significantly damaging to Warner Bros.’s image. Some indications lead that the actor was left out of the movie because of problems with the law. Miller has been arrested for violence in Hawaii, assault on others, and disorderly conduct. However, the icing on the cake was the arrest and restraining order for providing drugs to minors and psychological violence.

The case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp also negatively affected the Aquaman 2 movie, in which the actress will continue to participate. Still, the movie’s marketing was affected by this judicial encounter that the actress lost. Fans noticed this on social media, viralizing their anger for Heard’s participation in the movie.

An Event Plagued by Problems


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Another element to consider is the economic problem expressed by the president of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav. He stated that they were cutting 3 billion dollars and was seen in the suspension of the series The Fantastic Twins on HBO Max. Also, the CW series Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow was canceled for not being able to pay a sound studio lease.

These factors could affect the development of the event this year. Considering there is no lead for The Flash or even a new trailer. Also, the fact that Amber Heard does not enjoy popularity and does not have the main actors of Justice League makes it difficult. In addition to the expense that Warner Bros. Discovery would involve in organizing all these events, it would not be profitable because of its free feature.  

Something that many fans hope is that DC resumes the rhythm of movies and other successful productions. Like Suicide SquadJustice League, and the first part of Aquaman. We will have to wait for DC’s subsequent releases to see if it will resume the course of successful films.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros.



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