The Boys Comic-Con At Home Panel Reveals New Season 2 Clip
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Comic-Con At Home: The Boys Panel Releases Clip Of Elaborate Season 2 Action Sequence

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BY April 28, 2022

The Boys Comic-Con At Home panel comes just 2 weeks after it’s full season 2 trailer. And before that, the Amazon Prime Video original comic book series did its own panel to announce season 2. So I was wondering what the showrunner Eric Kripke had to offer for the Comic-Con panel. But I’m glad to say that the panel was highly engaging, with an in-depth look into where the show will go for season 2. Moderated by Aisha Tyler, The Boys Comic-Con At Home panel also released a new clip from the season that is incredibly wild. And the cast’s discussion of how that scene came about is just as insane. 

Season 2 Has An Outrageous Action Set Piece In The Water

During The Boys Comic-Con At Home panel, Kripke and the cast reveal a brand new clip from the new season. The short clip is one scene where the Boys are on a boat in the water, chased by sharks. Obviously, the sharks are under the influence one of The Seven, The Deep (Chase Crawford), whose can control sea animals with his superpowers. The Boys try to frantically avoid the sharks, as The Deep himself intercepts them, riding in on a massive whale that blocks their escape. Butcher (Karl Urban) then speeds up and the scene ends as the boat rams and slices straight through the massive whale. Cue an implosion of whale guts all over the place. 

The cast and crew then discuss how the show actually created a part of a massive whale for the sequence. Some cast members even expressed their surprise at how it was Urban driving the boat for the hours during the shooting, instead of a random stunt person. It’s that kind of attention to detail, and willingness to take risks, that makes The Boys one of the best shows out there right now. 

The Boys Comic-Con At Home Panel Featured In-Depth Analysis Of The Characters

The Boys Comic-Con At Home panel Urba. Image via Screen Grab.

One of the best things about The Boys is how it attempts to reflect the true reality of what it means to have superheroes in the real world. To that end, the characters all have strong backstories and emotional arcs. With brilliant questions from Tyler, actors Antony Starr, Urban, Erin Moriarty and others get to describe the changes their characters go through in season 2. 

While other panels may feel slow or dragged out, The Boys panel was highly riveting. Tyler’s unique questions prompted interesting answers from the entire cast. Every actor looks like they did massive research for their roles and really got into their heads. They also confirmed that season 2 of The Boys will show the backstories of characters like The Female (Karen Fukuhara), Frenchie (Tomer Capon), and A-Train (Jessie T. Usher). Not to mention seeing where the new status quo takes the romance between Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Annie (Erin Moriarty). 

The Boys Renewed For Season 3 Along With A Weekly After-Show

The Boys Comic-Con At Home panel Homelander. Image via Screen Grab.

One of the biggest reveals of The Boys Comic-Con At Home panel was a renewal announcement. On top of the showrunner and the cast, the panel also had surprise guests, producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, appear near the end. Rogen and Goldberg announced that the incredible success of the show led to Amazon Prime Video renewing the show for a third season. When they can start shooting the third season is still a question mark due to COVID-19. Along with the season 3 renewal announcement, Tyler also announced a new after-show for The Boys. Titled Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys, the new show will premiere weekly after each new episode of The Boys season 2. The show will discuss and breakdown the episode preceding it with guests as Tyler herself hosts. 

The Boys season 2 releases on Amazon Prime Video on September 4. 

What did you think about The Boys Comic-Con At Home panel? Let us know in the comments below. 

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