Christian Bale Talks About Batman in a Recent Interview
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Christian Bale Talks About Batman in a Recent Interview

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BY October 9, 2022

Christian Bale talks about Batman in a recent interview with GQ. The actor commented why he did it and if he considers that playing Batman pigeonholed his career.

The actor recently spoke about his experience with the Batman character, which he played in the trilogy from 2005 to 2012. This is odd, considering the actor doesn’t like to talk much about the character he played or his experience doing so. He also explained his professional relationship with the director of this trilogy, Christopher Nolan, and his agreement with him when starting these productions.

During the interview, Bale discussed the possibility of returning to the character. He said he could return to wear the Bat’s cape again if Nolan asked him to do so. Although this could be unlikely, considering the current moment that DC and the Dark Knight franchise are living.

Christian Bale Talks About Batman in a Recent Interview

Christian Bale Could Be In Thor: Love And Thunder Image via John Bauld

Christian Bale had an interview recently where he talked about Batman. GQ asked him several questions, including why he decided to do the trilogy and if he didn’t think it would hurt his career. Bale commented that he was not worried and that the big reason to accept was Nolan to the point of committing to the three films.

He commented, “For me, Chris Nolan and I always said: if we’re lucky enough to do three, we’ll do three and leave it at that. We were lucky enough to do three and we stayed true to our word. That’s loyalty. You have to stick to a deal. If Chris came to me and said, ‘I’ve got a new story,’ I’d be interested. But other than that, I don’t think so.”

Christian Bale accepted the challenge to do all three Batman movies. This is not unusual for the actor, as he likes a challenge and tends to get deep into character. For this, he prepares himself physically and mentally, which was seen in all three films, sporting a strengthened body.

As for being typecast in the character, he commented that it did not bother him. He did confirm that many actors and people around him suggested not to do it, as it would end his career. The other point he made was that if his career was going to be destroyed by this role, then it was something that wasn’t worth it. Bale said that his career depended on himself and not the character he played, Batman. Adding that, he would fight to make new characters and make him flourish.

He Would Be Batman Again if Nolan Asked Him To

Christian Bale Turned Down Fourth Christopher Nolan Batman Movie | IndieWire Warner Bros.

GQ asked Bale about the possibility of reprising the Dark Knight for DC. He commented that if Nolan asked him again, he would have no problem returning and wearing the Batman suit again. He would be willing to play the role with the duality that always shows the character.

Now that this has happened if it is a bit difficult, considering that the director of the new DC Batman saga is Matt Reeves. A new reboot plot is in the works with actor Robert Pattinson. This project makes it difficult for Nolan to lead a new Batman production and for Bale to portray the character.

If we consider that Warner Bros. will make another subplot, one could see that of the Justice League. The detail is that Ben Affleck currently occupies the position, so this is not an option either.

It also becomes difficult, considering Bale is involved in other projects. He recently played the villainous role of Gorr, the god-killer in Thor: Love And Thunder. The actor is in director David O. Russell’s Amsterdam. On this project, he will be in conjunction with John David Washington, and Margot Robbie will play three friends who are the suspects of murder.

Another project he is doing is The Pale Blue Eye, which he is developing for Netflix. In this film, Bale will play the role of a detective who will team up with a teenage version of the writer Edgar Alan Poe. This pair will have to solve a murder in West Point, New York. 

Bale’s reprising the role of Batman is unlikely, although he would be willing to do so. Not only because he is busy with another filming, but the character himself has already been cast. 

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