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Chrishell Stause calls Christine Quinn out for lying following Selling Sunset Reunion

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BY April 28, 2022

Chrishell Stause accuses Christine Quinn of lying about her reason for being absent at “Selling Sunset” Reunion.

It seems like the feud between Selling Sunset stars Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn is nowhere close to ending after Quinn was accused of being dishonest to everyone on why she missed the show’s reunion.

It would be recalled that the actress’s rep had informed page six on Tuesday that her boss had tested positive for Covid-19, citing it as the reason why she missed the reunion taping for fear of spreading the disease to the cast and crew.

Selling sunset reunion Selling Sunset: The Reunion NETFLIX

Chrishell has now sensationally come out to accuse Christine of lying about skipping the show by tweeting a GIF of TV host Maury Povich uttering his signature line ” The lie detector test has determined that was a lie”. This was in response to news of Quinn doing a photoshoot with “Real housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga the same day despite claiming to have contracted the virus.

To worsen the case, Amanza Smith, Selling Sunset co-star filmed the episode via zoom despite battling with the virus.

When Quinn’s rep received questions on why her boss did not opt for the same option, she was unable to give an answer.

The reason for Quinn’s deliberate absence does not seem far-fetched. The 33 year old actress was recently at the center of a lot of drama on the hit Netflix series after falling out with several cast members, Chrishell included. That might have put her in a really tough spot. This would explain why she opted out of gracing the reunion.

Chrishell’s assumption garnered different responses with some fans in agreement with her and some others with a different view. 

One of the fans tweeted “She should not be allowed to film future shows. End of the story”. Another said “That Covid test is like the 11 fakes thing on that chick”

Among those who didn’t agree with the assumption was a fan who tweeted a GiF from “Law & Order: SVU” which read “How about we don’t jump to conclusions?” She pointed out the possibility of Quinn’s symptoms starting even before the positive test result. 

Selling Sunset stars Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn Feud

The pair have had a long line of issues between each other for a long time. From once being cordial with each other, the relationship has a taken a toll for the worse.

Their feud dates back to the finale of season 1. Christine labelled Chrishell “Fake” for questioning the authenticity of co-star Mary Fitzgerald’s relationship with Romain Bonnet. He has gone on to become Mary’s husband. Christine had called Chrishell “Shady and crazy” leading to Stause blocking her on all social media platforms.

Chrishell most recently labelled Christine as someone that “really enjoys the drama” She also mentioned that they are probably not going to hang out anytime soon.

The pair have admirably not allowed their personal issues to come between their professionalism during their time on Selling Sunset. It is safe to say they maintain a cordial work relationship although they are no longer friends.

Christine has been mute on both Chrishell”s tweet and the allegations of intentionally missing the reunion. It is possible that she doesn’t consider it worth replying to due to their not so cordial relationship.

Multiple requests have also been directed at Netflix for comments on Quinn’s Covid-19 diagnosis, and if she declined to appear at the reunion via zoom. Will her future on the show will take a hit due to her absence?

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