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Call Of Duty Anti-Cheat – Now Taking Guns Away!

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BY June 17, 2022

Call Of Duty Anti-Cheat – Now Taking Guns Away!

Earlier today, Eurogamer reported that Call Of Duty’s anti-cheat would be getting an interesting update. Surely, it’s not as exciting as a new release or adding Snoop Dogg. But, it’s still huge news to the dedicated community.

Call Of Duty is one of the most competitive titles in the market right now. It has managed to attract millions of players. And, all of them compete to be the very best.

Naturally, that means many will look for ways to improve their odds. Unfortunately, that also means hacking—or cheating—is sometimes a consideration. It has led Call Of Duty: Warzone to become famous for cheating.

But, it has also employed countless approaches to stop hackers in their tracks. This latest update adds another fantastic and hilarious mitigation tactic. They’ll simply take away all the cheater’s guns.

And, that includes their fists!

That way, they have no chances to even hurt legitimate players.

The cheating problem in Call Of Duty

As mentioned, Call Of Duty has a huge cheating problem. That’s an understatement when there are YouTube compilations about it. The one above is specifically about streamers caught cheating.

And, that’s only counting those doing it in front of thousands of viewers. For each streamer, hundreds of players could be cheating as well.

This problem has led to considerable issues for the community. New players are often hesitant to start playing. And, experienced players could give up altogether.

After all, facing cheaters is frustrating. And, being so common, it can be a dealbreaker for anyone.

That’s led Activision to develop the Call Of Duty anti-cheat extensively. It constantly receives new updates. And, each one brings a new tool to the table.

How does Call Of Duty anti-cheat work now?

The new addition to Ricochet, the anti-cheat solution, is quite hilarious. The new mitigation technique is to rid players of their weapons. That includes their fists. Effectively, it renders them unable to harm or even interact with other players.

However, it’s only one of many mitigation techniques used by Call Of Duty.

We also have Damage Shield. It’s Ricochet’s first major technique. It basically turns on God Mode for legitimate players. And, it occurs after detecting a cheater in the match. With it, players take zero damage from the cheater.

There’s also cloaking. It’s somewhat similar to God Mode in that it makes cheaters’ lives harder. But, it does it differently. It makes legitimate players virtually invisible to cheaters. They can’t see their opponents and bullets. And, they can’t even hear sounds.

The new technique is Disarm. It removes all ability for cheaters to harm other players. But, why do they not ban them outright?

The Ricochet team explains the logic behind mitigation. They keep cheaters in the game for data analysis. But, it eliminates the ability to affect legitimate players’ games.

Of course, mitigation is only part of anti-cheating protocols. Bans are always the standard as the biggest deterrent.  They’ve banned nearly 200,000 players between Warzone and Vanguard.

What about the other issues related to Activision Blizzard?

Cheating isn’t Activision Blizzard’s only issue. The company is still under scrutiny because of its sexual harassment allegations. The company still decides that there’s no widespread or systemic harassment in its installations.

Moreover, they insist that there’s no evidence to the contrary. Senior executives haven’t ignored or downplayed gender harassment. Instead, all instances were reported.

However, the public eye is still on the company over the allegations. And, we can’t say whether these statements are enough.

Perhaps cheating is a minor problem in comparison.

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