How Bugs Bunny Could Take Down Thanos The Mad Titan (Via Tumblr)
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How Bugs Bunny Could Take Down Thanos The Mad Titan (As Imagined By Tumblr)

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BY July 25, 2021

If social media networks were a group of siblings and cousins, Tumblr is that one who is still broke, still weird, but mostly fun to be around (even though it’s getting a little old for all that). One of the reasons Tumblr still thrives in the age of TikToks and Twitch streaming is how it remains a haven for fandoms and where they intersect. To that end, in the wake of the misfire that is the Space Jam: A New Legacy festival of nostalgia, a pair of Tumblr-ites (Tumblr-inos? Tumblrers?) came up with a Bugs Bunny gag that feels more authentic to the character than most things in that film. The question that gave life to this fun little comic strip is how easily Bugs Bunny could take down the Big Bad of the first three MCU phases, Thanos the Mad Titan.

The concept comes from Tumblr user NeilNevins, who posits that Bugs Bunny could “single-handedly” take him down with his own signature blend of reality-bending powers and cleverness. It also feels much more quintessentially Looney Tunes than the majority of the things that happen in their new movie.

Nevins writes:

“Bugs Bunny could single-handedly defeat Thanos by dressing up as a TSA agent and setting up a metal detector in the middle of the battlefield saying that all metal objects must be removed if you want to pass through….

“‘For shame, doc! Dontcha know we got other folks waiting?’ (Thanos looks behind him and sees dozens of Bugs Bunnies dressed as angry, yelling travelers with huge bags of luggage. Thanks rubs his neck guiltily and begins sliding off the gauntlet.)”


NeilNevins Tumblr Bugs Bunny Thanos Image via screenshot

Of course, that’s not all we get from the creative users of Tumblr. Artist Vampiric Yoshi grabbed a pencil and whipped a pencil-sketch storyboard that makes me want to see this animated sequence come to life.

Vampiric Yoshi Bugs Bunny Thanos Pencil Strip Images by Vampiric Yoshi via Tumblr

Yes, this is silly, and that’s why this is a perfect Looney Tunes gag. I am not sure how old this comic strip is, but I certainly hope some internet geniuses out there are hard at work animating this interaction. Now, the real question is could Bugs Bunny take down Lucky the Leprechaun, since they both beat Thanos?

What do you think? How could Bugs Bunny take down Thanos? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via Warner Bros.

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