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An 8-Year-Old Boy Hides Self-Published Comic In Library

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BY April 8, 2022

When comics first appeared during the platinum and golden ages of comics, they were a hit. They were creative, told an engaging story, and featured characters whose stories readers couldn’t get enough of. Names such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Frank Miller became household names. While new comic book authors are popping up all the time, there’s one who you might want to keep your eye on: Dillon Helbig. This intrepid 8-year-old boy hides self-published comic in the library and the internet can not get enough!

What Happened When This 8-Year-Old Boy Hides His Self-Published Comic In His Local Library?

boy hides self-published comic in library Dillon Helbig Image via screengrab

Dillon Helbig, who lives in Boise, Idaho, was visiting his local library when he decided that he wanted to give his self-published comic a little boost and leave it at the library. He told Good Morning America, “I wanted to put my book in the library center since I was 5, and I always had a love for books and libraries. I’ve been going to libraries a lot since I was a baby. I wanted people to read it.” Can I get a box of tissues please?

Helbig wrote an 81-page comic titled The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis, which is a Christmas adventure story that he wrote and illustrated using colored pencils. His author name is “Dillon His Self.” When his mom found out that her son had purposefully left his comic behind, she called the library branch and told them that it was a gift. Alex Hartman, the branch manager at the library, processed his book and catalogued it under graphic novels. Now, according to The Washington Post, there’s a 55-person waitlist!

Pursuing your dreams always comes with challenges and it’s heartening to see Helbig inspiring others. Hartman told The Post:

“We’re just hoping that … children find inspiration to write their own stories and share those with other people. I just think it’s a good demonstration to share with other kids.”

Helbig’s mother echoed the same sentiments. She said:

“We are so proud of him. We see him drawing and writing books, and he keeps himself busy for hours and days on end. It was pretty awesome to see he had the gumption to put this one on the shelf. He wanted it in there and he got it in there.”

Is The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis the end of the line for this young comic book author? Of course not! He’s created a “Dog Man series” and his next book is going to be called The Jacket Eating Closet, which is based on a true story that’s been in the works since kindergarten. Ada County Library gave Helbig its first Whoodini Award for Best Young Novelist, a category the library created for him. Seems like there’s a lot to look forward to for Dillon Helbig! I’ll keep his name in mind and look forward to seeing what else he creates!

Watch this adorable short interview with “Dillon His Self” below:

The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis by “Dillon His Self” is available for checkout at the Ada County Library in Boise, Idaho.

Hopefully they’ll be digitized versions soon so readers across the country can read it too! What do you think of this creative Idaho boy who hides self-published comic in library? Do you want to read the comic too? Are you excited about his upcoming works too? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image via ABC7 New York

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