Bill Murray Gets Stuck In Groundhog Day Again for New Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

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BY February 2, 2020

While many folks care about the big game today, most o what America will be talking about are the ridiculously expensive ads. An early favorite for best Super Bowl commercial will be the Jeep ad that reunites Bill Murray with his Groundhog Day co-stars. His brother Brian Doyle-Murray is back as Buster the Mayor, and Stephen Tobolowsky is back as the ever-excitable Ned Ryerson. The scenes seem to filmed in the same areas of Woodstock, Illinois that stood in for Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. The whole point of bringing Bill Murray back to that Groundhog day for the Super Bowl commercial is to sell the Jeep Gladiator.

In the commercial, Bill Murray goes through the Groundhog Day routines until he spots a “new” Jeep on the street. Painted the same burnt orange color as the truck he steals in the movie (also present in the ad), it gives Murray a new lease on life while stuck in his perpetual loop. They go on adventures and the ad shows Murray happy to wake up in his time-loop.

Bill Murray Groundhog Day Jeep Super Bowl Commercial Image via screengrab

Groundhog Day is a low-key sci-fi or fantasy masterpiece. The how or why that Phil (Murray’s character, not the Punxsutawney groundhog) is stuck in this loop is never fully explained. Groundhog Day is, kind of, a time-travel movie. It’s not the time-travel we see in comic book series like Arrow or Agents of SHIELD. Instead, he is stuck in a time-loop for an unknown amount of time. (Writer Simon Gallagher figured it was well over 12,000 days or, more specifically, 33 years and 350 days.)

Still, it’s always good to see Bill Murray and a groundhog getting into trouble again.

What do you think of the Super Bowl commercial? Tell us your thoughts and favorite parts in the comments!

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