Batgirl Scene leaked by Actress (VIDEO)
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Actress Leaked A Batgirl Scene (VIDEO)

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BY October 2, 2022

The cancellation of Batgirl continues to be the talk of the town. Although the reasons for its cancellation are unknown, Warner Bros. has tried to minimize and hide any information about it. However, their struggle to conceal information about this production is becoming increasingly difficult. With the uptick in COVID-19 in the United States, several buildings at their filming location remain closed. This situation has made it easier for people to access audiovisual material to leak it. Now through her Twitter account, an actress leaked a Batgirl scene. In the video, we can see one of the action scenes, plus all the editing that Warner Bros. did so that the action stunt came out as they wanted. 

Actress Leaked a Batgirl Scene

leslie grace meets mini batgirl Image via HBO Max

The actress who leaked this Batgirl scene was Ivory Aquino, who plays the role of Alysia Yeoh, the best friend of Batgirl or Barbara Gordon. She posted a video of the filming of this production on her personal Twitter account. In this one, she denotes one of the movie’s action scenes.

In the clip, Leslie Grace’s stunt double, Emely Cartagena, is seen going downhill, going through a celebration, crossing a roof, and finally crashing into a tree. She would use the tree to break her fall and end the movement once and for all.

The video of this scene was not recorded by actress Aquino but by stunt double Cartagena. You can see the entire action in full in the scene she posted. This footage involves all the rehearsals and practices that the production did in a more extensive area. The moment has several takes made by the production team, looking for the right scene.

The video was initially posted on Cartagena’s Instagram account before appearing on Aquino’s Twitter. However, in the latter’s posting, it appears only the scene made with the movie’s costumes, instead of all the stunt work shown by the stuntwoman.

This leak has many wondering if there are many more. It’s worth mentioning that Warner Bros. is concerned about this, and fans are thrilled to see at least a snippet of this footage. This is on the premise that it will never be broadcast or see the light of day.

Controversy Continues in Warner Bros.

DCU After Batgirl Cancellation Image: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is still struggling to stop the controversy, not only with this movie but in general. First, we have the statement of David Zaslav canceling the film for several reasons. Action that almost caused the resignation of Walter Hamada, the president of DC Films.

This cancellation resulted in a loss of 90 million dollars, the amount invested in the film up to that moment. Zaslav stated they wanted to release quality films and save on tax issues, hence the cancellation. The fans did not receive this decision well and protested for several weeks on social media.

The controversy continued with the statements of the film’s directors. They sought to save any material that existed of the film to be able to publish it, even if only in their networks, as Aquino and Cartagena did. However, they found nothing. It is not known if the files were deleted or hidden.

Now with this new leak, Warner Bros. is in big trouble. The reason is that it may again face a surge in social media, as with Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

We will have to wait and see how things flow in the DC world for Warner Bros. The controversies of other actors, like Ezra Miller, who plays Flash, continue. Yesterday the artist declared that he will no longer play Flash in the DCEU.

For now, this actress leaked a Batgirl scene, the only existing leak. However, this must be a headache for Warner Bros. because it is trying by all means to bury this filming. The second thing is that it raises doubts if this is the only information that exists or if there are others.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 


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