Artemis Fowl Release Date Revealed For A Disney+ Only Premiere
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Artemis Fowl Has a New Release Date, Will Premiere Directly to Disney+

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BY April 21, 2020

Disney confirms Artemis Fowl release date, after months of delays and back and forths. The sci-fi fantasy film will now debut directly on Disney+. This is the first film adaptation of the Artemis Fowl series. The franchise began as a best selling novel series, and it’s clear Disney hoped it landed its “Harry Potter.” The young adult series received a lot of critical acclaim during publication. The feature film faced a lot of problems since its development in 2016. Now, Artemis Fowl is finally set to release on Disney+ on June 12, 2020. 

Artemis Fowl Book Series Mixes Science Fiction And Fantasy

Artemis Fowl release date cast. Images via Disney.

Artemis Fowl YA is a series of books by Irish author Eoin Colfer. The series features eight books that received critical acclaim. The books incorporate fantasy elements, like fairies, with science fiction and technological aspects. Colfer himself has stated that the books are about growing up. They also deal with themes of greed, trust, and the choices between good and evil. The book series was so successful that the story quickly moved to other media. There have been Artemis Fowl graphic novels and video games, enriching the original story. The Disney+ movie is the first Artemis Fowl live-action film adaptation, but it’s clear Disney hopes it won’t be the last. 

Who Is Artemis Fowl And Why Is He So Interesting?

Artemis Fowl release date Judi Dench. Images via Disney.

Artemis Fowl features the 12-year old titular character who is a genius. Although, an evil genius. The book’s story follows how Fowl attempts to discover the secrets of the Fairy people. In his pursuits, he ends up kidnapping and holding a Fairy for ransom. Let’s be clear on this: the book portrays Fowl very much as a villain. He runs an evil empire, drugs and kidnaps a fairy, and holds her for ransom. He does this in an attempt to discover their magic and power and exploit it for his own gains.

The fairy people, on the other hand, are the heroes of this story. They go up against Fowl as they attempt to protect their world and rescue one of their own from his clutches. Flipping this good vs. evil archetype is where Artemis Fowl differs from other novels. Throughout the series, Fowl transforms from evil genius into an anti-hero. At times, maybe even the hero given the situations. That was the appeal of Artemis Fowl, something that the Disney movie very much reverses. 

Artemis Fowl Release Date Confirmed Along With New Trailer

The movie adaptation of the book series has been in development for a long time. The film was originally marked for a May 29, 2020 release in theaters. But that is no longer the case due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Artemis Fowl release date and premiere on Disney+ is a huge sigh of relief for fans. It means the movie is finally coming to screens, though perhaps screens smaller than anyone would like. However, the trailer for the live-action Artemis Fowl left other fans feeling betrayed. 

The new trailer introduces us to a very Harry Potter-like story. Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius like he is in the books, but seems oblivious to his family’s criminal origins. His father’s kidnapping kickstarts a series of events in his life. Fowl becomes aware of the hidden world of fairies, from his bodyguard and butler. Funnily enough, the butler uses the phrase ‘in a complicated profession’ to describe the father’s job. A character who in the books was very much a criminal. No grey areas there. What follows is a very Harry Potter meets Spy Kids-like story of fantasy and science fiction. “Yer a criminal Artie!”—if you will. 

The movie stars Ferdie Shaw as the titular character and Colin Farrell as his father. We’ve also got Josh Gad as a character unlike his usual roles, a criminal dwarf. Judi Dench also appears as a leader of the Fairy People. Acclaimed director Kenneth Branagh, who brought Thor to the big screen in the early days of the MCU, directed Artemis Fowl. So, the film is capable hands.

Disney’s Artemis Fowl Release Cleanses Its Original Appeal

Artemis Fowl release date Colin Farrell.

This rewriting of the story of Artemis Fowl isn’t sitting too well with fans. The trailer portrays the titular character as a complete hero. Unaware of the world around him, who then has to embark on a mission into this new world, to save his father. It’s uninspired and unoriginal. The transformation of Fowl from villain to anti-hero was the appeal of the books.  With the movie nearing release, it’s difficult for fans to reconcile the differences. Time will tell if Artemis Fowls’s fate mirrors other book-to-movie adaptations. Books like Eragon and Percy Jackson which also had similar rewrites during the movie adaptation. Fans are still bitters about those changes, to this day. 

Artemis Fowl’s release date on Disney+ is June 12, 2020. 

How did you feel about the changes made to Artemis Fowl by Disney? Let us know win the comments below. 

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