Anna Delvey To Be Deported - NY Fraudster Sorokin Back To Germany
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Anna Delvey To Be Deported – NY Fraudster Sorokin Will Be Sent Back To Germany

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BY March 18, 2022

Anna Delvey, or by her real name, Anna Sorokin, will be deported to Germany in the next few days for having an expired visa in the US territory. The US government will send back to Germany the fraudster who shocked the world by lying and pretending to be a German billionaire heiress in a few days. 

Anna Sorokin became famous for swindling friends and small, medium, and large companies in the United States. She pretended to be a multimillionaire when in reality, she was the daughter of a truck driver who lived in a lower-class area in Russia. The scams that got her convicted were loans, bank credits, hotel suites, and private jet flights.

Everything ended when the police arrested her in 2017 for not paying a bill of almost 12 thousand dollars in a luxury hotel. The authorities detained Sorokin and sentenced her to 4 to 12 years in prison. After serving almost four years they released her on parole. 

Her story was so shocking that the producer of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes, created a documentary with the girl’s story. This production is available on Netflix, describing the whole story, from the young woman’s origins to each action that led to her arrest. The name of the documentary is Inventing Anna

Anna Sorokin has Been in ICE Custody for Almost a Year

The US government arrested Anna Sorokin for having an expired green card and is reportedly in ICE custody. She has been under custody for almost a year by federal authorities in this country. She faces a deportation charge during that time. Several sources assure that she will go back to Germany in the next few days.

During the process, Sorokin sued the federal authorities because she was positive for COVID-19 a few days before receiving the vaccine. The agents have not added further comments on the matter and have provided little information about the case. She is appealing the decision because she intends to stay in the United States.

Sorokin is appealing the deportation decision because she wants to stay in the United States. She and her former lawyer Todd Spodek stated that Anna still intends to take out a loan to open an exclusive club to cater to VIPs.

The Russian-German citizen, Anna Sorokin, could face deportation for remaining in the United States despite having an expired visa. The young woman, known for having committed fraud in various businesses throughout North America, now faces the possibility of leaving the country. 

Being a poor citizen, Sorokin posed as a multimillionaire, traveling, eating, and living a life of luxury. Her story is so incredible that it has inspired magazine articles, books, and documentaries.

Anna’s Lawyer Speaks About her Status

As for Anna Delvey to be deported, there are many comments about it. Some sources state that she is already in Germany, and others that the process is imminent. The truth is that no one knows for sure, and the authorities have made statements about it. Her new lawyer, Manny Arora, states that he has lost contact with her since last Monday. Arora declared: “Legally, they should not be able to deport her until the 19th. That is due to the deportation order being signed on February 17 and that allows us to have 30 days to file an appeal,” Arora said in a statement. “But we are dealing with bureaucracy, and there are numerous filings in her case so you just never know if there was a paperwork error.”

Image by Arne Müseler via Wikimedia Commons

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