Andor New Trailer - ALL Secrets Revealed!
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Andor New Trailer – ALL Secrets Revealed!

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BY May 27, 2022

Yesterday was a great day for Star Wars fans. Thanks to the May 26-29, 2022 Anaheim Convention Center, it’s also been a good week. We have had several good news and releases, but today we will talk about something in particular. Yesterday Andor’s new trailer was released. This piece of footage was amazing, it is full of valuable information, and we are going to analyze it in detail. The show starring Diego Luna will be aired on August 31st, 2022, and will have two seasons of 12 episodes each.

When does the Andor Series Happen?

Featured. Image via Disney +.

In this article, we will describe in detail the highlights of the Andor series trailer. This story is set in the year five before the Battle of Yavin as a prequel to Rogue One, just aligned with the events of the Star Wars Rebels series. First of all, it was already confirmed at the celebration by Tony Gilroy that the series starring Diego Luna will have two seasons of 12 episodes each. This season is only the first part, and the second season will connect directly with the events of Rogue One. It seems that Andor will only have two seasons to connect with the film. 

What was shown in Andor’s new trailer is spectacular and shows a lot of life in the Imperial era. In it, we can see the structure of this organization and the bureaucracy involved to the core. As its showrunner already told us, this one shows us part of the imperial expansion to the colonial worlds, something that will splash Cassian Andor, our protagonist. Andor will no longer be a simple thief to become a rebel leader. 

Imperial Oppression in Andor’s New Trailer

Andor (Image: Disney +)

The first thing we see is just Imperial oppression. A simple worker in a recyclers union sounds the alarm at the coming of the Imperials. It is a world that is very similar to what we live in the world of Bracca in Jedi Fallen Order, a video game of 2019. 

On this planet, there is possibly a rebel cell. That’s why we see a pile of metallic garbage and an old orange robot that looks like it came from the old republic passing by. This situation is more obvious in other frames when we see other recycling workers raising the alarm in their town and preparing to take up arms. This part is brutal because we see how the Empire is approaching with renewed imperial ships. This event is an inheritance of those old ships of the Clone Wars (2008), but it seems that this town will be subdued in its streets just chasing the rebels.

So we see its various inhabitants oppressed while marching stormtroopers there in the distance. Later we also see some apparent intelligence officers going to capture the actress Fiona Shaw. First, we see her from behind, but in reality, she is the last one we see in the trailer. Surely this actress you know from Harry Potter tells us a dark and revealing dialogue that tells us, “that’s what a reckoning sounds like.” With this, they seem to anticipate great revenge of the people against their authorities. It is quite clear if we put together the different shots of the trailer that this actress is a rebel, and this town of recyclers workers has risen against the Galactic Empire. We know very well that Emperor Palpatine doesn’t like that at all. 

Fiona (Image: Disney+)

The Empire and the Rebel Origin of Cassian

We also see at the beginning of the trailer how several families and frightened children invade a jungle planet while we see that there is a ship on their planet. This scene seems to be one of the multiple flashbacks that the series will have, and quite possibly, the child we see in yellow in the center may be a young Cassian Andor or part of his family. Remember that Tony Gilroy, the creator of this series, already told us that we would see how the Empire initially invaded Andor’s homeworld with its expansionist hunger. This event is just what we see in the first part of the trailer. 

Star Wars (Image: Disney+)

Also, this Andor new trailer is based on the two sides of the conflict. On one side, the proud Imperials are developing their scientific and military projects. And on the other side, the ordinary people begin to realize the brutalities after 15 long years of what it is like to live in this absolutist regime. For this reason, we see several quick shots of Cassian Andor hiding from some stormtroopers. At another moment, we see him out of focus with several rebels armed to the teeth in a green pasture just before the enemies come. 

We also see multiple Imperial officers and their bureaucracy proud of themselves. In this scene, a voiceover tells us ‘not about the Imperials who are proud, fat, and self-satisfied as if they are all preparing in the series to see them fall as we know they surely will. We also see here among the officers dressed in white is actor Anton Lesser, of Game of Thrones fame, in a new role as an Imperial leader. We even see actress Adria Arjona running through a village. This character will be a rebel ally of Cassian in the series. 

Andor’s New Trailer Brings Coruscant Back and the Political Framework

We have a repeatedly confirmed look at the Galactic capital of Coruscant itself. We haven’t seen this city in live-action for almost two decades. The trailer shows all the political framework of the false democracy of Palpatine right through the eyes of the senator of Chandrilade Mon Mothma, more than we know that she was one of the founders of the religion until later becoming something like the chancellor of the new republic. 

Star Wars (Image: Disney +)

This series will connect very well with this character with Clone Wars with Rebels, the revenge of the Siths, and with Rogue One. Because even above all, in Rebels, we saw how Mothma herself left the imperial senate, thus forming an opposition bloc. Here through her actress, Genevieve O’Reilly, who returns. We see the streets of Coruscant, the elegant transport, and the most beautiful part of the capital’s aristocracy. All this while the senator of Chandrilade tells us they are everywhere and watch me right now. Something that shows us how Empire will watch her for being an opponent, and above all, that tone of the series is a spy thriller where we can not trust anyone. 

Star Wars Rogue One Cassian Andor Disney

The series is a rebellion in gestation from different fronts, and Cassian and Mon Mothma will be in the middle of it all. That’s why later, the rebel recruiter, played by Stellan Skarsgård, as he sees the recycling village in the distance along with his rifle and tells us here that soon these days will be over, and there will be no rules when they go further ahead. 

The Empire at its peak

Boy, will things get more and more ominous, and with this, we also briefly see an Imperial base in some secret project where they have a bunch of people there locked up in what appears to be a maximum-security prison. Possibly they are also political prisoners of Palpatine’s regime. Everything portrayed as the Galactic Empire is the Gestapo itself, with a total absence of freedom. 

Rogue One, Lightsaber, Death Star, Scarif, A New Hope, Star Wars Story, James Earl Jones, K-2SO The most badass we’ve ever seen Darth Vader on the big screen. (Image: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)

Already at the end of Andor’s new trailer, we not only see a new Imperial villain who will be hunting Cassian Andor. Right there, we see our protagonist in a hologram, and he is also quite rejuvenated. We know the villain with his back to us in flames in the middle of a chase right in that blue-collar town where we saw there’s going to be an uprising. But the real brilliance of the trailer is that we see several protagonists with their backs turned as Mon Mothma tells us that people are starting to rise. 

Easter Eggs 

With this, we have a veritable feast of easter eggs in several quick shots, where we see not only the Coruscant Senate and its seats but an Imperial officer dressed in white next to Range Troopers like those we saw in the Solo (2018) tape. We also see a base above a dam where a TIE Fighter passes by. Then we see a couple of mysterious protagonists, one of them may be Cassian Andor, with his back turned. 

But the best part of these shots is that we see one of those people on foot rebelling against some flesh and blood Clone troopers, which, if you look at them, are in stage two of their armor, which tells us this scene could be part of a flashback. We will also see some rather old clones in this series. Everything ends with some action in the trailer to see our protagonist Cassian Andor something younger, making a spectacular escape, riding in the cockpit of a TIE Fighter, and then see it inside another different ship because, in reality, the cabin is more expansive. The trailer deceives us to escape in that other ship at maximum speed before an imminent explosion. 

So Andor’s new trailer prepares us for this series full of action and references to the Star Wars universe. We will be able to enjoy it from August 31st on Disney +. Undoubtedly, it will be a series that will excite Star Wars fans due to all its references to the franchise. 

Are you looking forward to watching Andor? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the series? We’ll read you in the comments. 

Featured Image Via Disney +. 

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