Ana De Armas Wonder Woman, She Comments Her DC Interest
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Ana De Armas Wonder Woman, Actress Comments Her DC Involvement

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BY April 25, 2023

The new edition of DC will start soon, with the new productions planned by James Gunn and Peter Safran, the current directors of DC Studios. However, there are doubts about which actors will stay and what roles they will play. For example, Henry Cavill is definitely out of his role as Superman. There are also other questions on the table, such as the continuity of Gal Gadot. Given this doubt, some rumors indicate that the ideal actress to take over the role of Wonder Woman would be Ana de Armas. 

This talented actress has the beauty and youth to play Diana, Princess of the Amazons. Recently, the actress commented about this in an interview; let’s analyze them.

Ana de Armas Comments on Her Possible Role as Wonder Woman

Ana de Armas Ballerina MGM

In an interview with WIRED, Ana de Armas declared as false the rumors that she would be the next Wonder Woman. The actress pointed out that Gal Gadot played a fantastic role in the past two movies and that she can do it again in other films.

Ana de Armas emphasized that she is not interested in the role and did not talk to the directors about it either. On the other hand, de Armas has always been cautious in her private life, both in social networks and the media. The actress likes to keep the mystery.

What is certain is that Gal Gadot’s continuity in DC Films is questionable, to say the least. The cancellation of the third installment, which Patty Jenkins would direct, gives us clues about her future. Besides, James Gunn wants to renew the universe, and keeping Gal Gadot interacting with a younger Superman would be strange. However, seeing Ana de Armas as Wonder Woman in this context is plausible.

Some rumors suggest that the cancellation of the third part of Wonder Woman was not because of the script but because of the change of directive. James Gunn has shown his interest in using Gal Gadot because of the number of fans the actress still has. So she could play another character, either a villain or another heroine. This could be her destiny and other actors in the world of comics, who may get new roles in the plot to be built by the new directors.

Changes James Gunn Might Make at DC Films 

Justice League Reboot Image: @spdrmnkyxxiii

The changes that James Gunn has confirmed so far are the departure of Henry Cavill from Superman and Ben Affleck’s Batman, who will have his last participation in The Flash. However, there are other actors whose fate in this new world of comics that the new directors will build is unknown.

An almost confirmed change is that of Jason Momoa, who played Aquaman both in the individual production and the Justice League movie. The actor will no longer have the same role for two reasons. The first one is that everything indicates that the actor will play Lobo. The last one would be by request of the actor himself, after the bad reviews that are having the screening tests of Aquaman 2.

According to Gunn and Safran, Ezra Miller, Xolo Maridueña, and Zachary Levi will have the same characters. This would leave a space for Ana de Armas as Wonder Woman. The generation gap is not big, considering they are relatively young actors. As far as we know, the standards sought by the current management aim at a less mature audience.

As for Gal Gadot, she has a knack for being both villain and a leading lady so she could have several options. First, stay with her role as Wonder Woman, which many fans love. Another option could be Catwoman in Batman-related productions, considering that the character is flirtatious but fierce, qualities that the actress has previously shown in her Fast and Furious character.

What do you think of Ana de Armas as Wonder Woman, princess of the Amazons? We’ll read you in the comments.

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