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Meet The 2023 Golden Globe Nominees – Who Are You Rooting For?

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BY December 13, 2022

The 2023 Golden Globes, one of the most recognized awards in the film and art industry, have its nominees. The Golden Globes are often referenced for other awards, such as the Oscars. Although the categories do not match 100% among the nominated series and movies, it serves as a guide for different events.

2023 Golden Globes Image via Golden Globes

There have indeed been controversies in the last ten years due to the lack of transparency when nominating and choosing a winner. This fact caused Tom Cruise to return his three awards on one occasion. However, the organizers hope to redeem themselves this year.

Today was released the new list of nominations for both series and movies in all categories. There are many expectations about who the nominees will be and if they will not generate controversy again. There is a lot of speculation about who will be on the podium and the winners.

2023 Golden Globe Nominees

The most notable film nominated for the 2023 Golden Globes is Top Gun: Maverick. The sequel starring Tom Cruise received a nomination for best drama film. This makes sense, considering the results obtained in theaters and the positive reviews on all websites.

Another nominated movie is Universal Pictures’ The Fabelmans. It has three nominations: Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Director, for Steven Spielberg. We also find the new, not yet released film Avatar: The Way of Water. This movie also has several nominations, such as Best Drama Film, competing with Top Gun: Maverick and The Fabelmans. Additionally, James Cameron will be up against Spielberg for the Best Director Award.

Top Gun: Maverick Is Image via Paramount Pictures

There are several controversies regarding the nominations. Some believe that the film Elvis should have been nominated for Best Drama Film. Others think that actors like Tom Cruise, who was not selected, deserved to be. Another considerable controversy is that Will Smith was not chosen for his participation in the film Emancipation. We should note that the actor can still participate in this contest because the application of the academy does not apply to the event. For many, the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith removed the actor from the nominees’ list.

One nomination that may cause controversy is that of Brendan Fraser, nominated for his performance in The Whale. In this case, the film is full of controversial comments due to its background. The fact that it depicts an obese person caused many to comment that this production was an attack on overweight people. Additionally, Fraser has made it very clear that he would not attend the ceremony even if he wins.

The Whale (2022 film) The Whale
Brendan Fraser
CR: A24

Outstanding TV Series and Existing Controversies

There are many outstanding series and not as many controversies as expected. For example, Netflix’s Wednesday, a spin-off of The Addams Family, has a nomination for Best Comedy Series. Wednesday actress Jenna Ortega is nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

Another show with many nominations is The Crown, also from Netflix. The series has four nominations for Best Drama Series, Best Actress in a Drama Series, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. The fight might be challenging, considering it will be up against HBO’s House of the Dragon for both Best Drama Series and Best Actress in a Drama Series.

'The Crown' season 5 timeline ‘The Crown’, Queen Elizabeth II, photo by Netflix

Better Call Saul has two nominations for Best Drama Series and Best Actor in a Drama Series. The Breaking Bad prequel is among four candidates for the award. However, it might not get the recognition, considering its other competitors.

One series that caused controversy is Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Despite being outstanding, the miniseries has been heavily criticized because of what it shows. This production is nominated in the Best Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Television Movie category.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is also nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. The remastered story of the wooden doll shares nominations with Inu-Oh, Turning Red, and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.

Make sure you tune in for the 80th Golden Globe Awards ceremony, on January 11, 2023, at 2:00 AM GMT+1 to see all of the winners. Check the rest of the nominees below

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