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The Comic Years Podcast: Binge Vs. Weekly – The Best Way To Watch TV

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BY January 11, 2021

On the first ever episode of the Comic Years Podcast, we try to settle an age-old dispute. Well, more like a few years-old dispute. The Comic Years’ feature editors get together in order to discuss the best way to watch TV: binge it all in one sitting or a more gradual week to week schedule? So join me as I sit down with Comic Years’ finest with Meghan Hale, Taylor Bauer, and Salome, as we try to break down the best way to watch TV. At least for the foreseeable future. It’s the classic, Binge vs. Weekly debate. 

The Evolution Of The Best Way To Watch TV

The best way to watch TV Watchmen. Image via HBO.

TV viewing has definitely changed over the years. Our guests discuss the various ways they experienced watching TV from ‘back in the day’, to the current television landscape. The current of binging definitely lends itself to shows like the recent The Queen’s Gambit. Whereas the more recent critically hit shows like Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian and HBO’s Watchmen has done more weekly episodes that definitely was the best model for that content to maximize its viewing are and it’s relevancy in the news cycle. 

While on the other hand, Prime Video’s The Boys faced a bit of backlash from changing their model from season 1 to being available all at once, versus in season 2 when they switched over to a weekly model. The conversation even discussed how a genre of a series may impact how we consume it, as Mindhunter and The Hardy Boys came up as examples of non-binge-able television series. 

The Debate Rages On

It’s a riveting conversation with points made on both sides. We draw battle lines with us all advocating for binging versus weekly as the best way to watch TV. One of my guests even talks themselves out of their initial choice, into a different one. So take a listen to this Comic Years Podcast episode where we discuss the best way to watch TV. You can listen to this episode of the Comic Years Podcast directly above. We are also available on Apple Podcasts and on all the major podcast platforms. 

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Featured image via HBO.

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