The Ladies Of Comic Years Podcast: Black Widow Expectations
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The Ladies Of Comic Years Podcast: Episode 1 – Black Widow Expectations

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BY July 15, 2021

We’ve been talking about it for a while, and now it’s finally here. I’m very happy to announce the first episode of the Ladies of Comic Years Podcast. We’re lucky enough to work with an incredibly smart, funny, and insightful group of women at this site, and it only makes sense to take every chance we can to hear from them. So this will be a new series on the Comic Years Podcast still focusing on all the regular topics we cover, such as comic books, movies, tv, and more, but with a unique feminist perspective. This first episode of the Ladies of Comic Years Podcast features a look at the impact and significance of the MCU’s long overdue Black Widow movie.  

Ladies Of Comic Years Podcast Takeover Is The First Of A New Series

Ladies of Comic Years Podcast fight. Image via Marvel Studios.

On this special episode of the podcast hosted by Meghan Hale, she is joined by Jessica Kanzler and Emily O’Donnell to discuss their excitement and expectations from Marvel Studios’ Black Widow. The ladies discuss what they hope from the movie, and why it took so long to get off the ground. Emily is actually thankful for the delay, providing insight into how the movie could’ve been if released earlier. The women also discuss Black Widow’s journey in the MCU and how the character was depicted during her introduction. The much-delayed movie is the launching pad for a deeper discussion into representing women in action movies. 

How Black Widow’s Depiction Is Part Of a Larger Issue

The Ladies of Comic Years Podcast use Black Widow as a starting point for a conversation that I hope will continue into other areas of genre fiction in its various mediums. How Black Widow’s introduction into the MCU was misogynistic as hell, and how it didn’t really improve through the years. And it’s not just the filmmakers, but even the audience that becomes complicit in their male gaze of the character. Jessica shares a very cringe story about even discussing the character with other men. Let’s not even get into the Joss Whedon of it all. And thankfully, the ladies don’t. For the most part. 

So check out the first episode of the Ladies of Comic Years Podcast.

Subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Google, and Spotify for more episodes such as this. And be sure to let us know in the comments below exactly what other topics you’d like to see the ladies discuss. 

Featured image via Marvel Studios.


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