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The Comic Years Podcast: Home Movie Or Theatrical Experience?

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BY April 10, 2021

Movies have always been a theatrical experience. Or rather, they used to be. While TV movies had a taboo around them for being less than theatrical releases, that is not the case anymore. Big studio films are being made for and released on streaming platforms. From major studio blockbusters to award season fodder, more and more original movies are becoming home experiences than theatrical ones. So it’s something we absolutely have to discuss on this episode of the Comic Years Podcast. Join Joshua M. Patton, Meghan Hale and myself, in this home vs. theatre podcast.

Home Vs. Theatre Podcast Tries To Discuss Pros And Cons

Home vs. theatre debate Scream. The worst way to watch movies on TV! | Image via Dimension films.

Some of us prefer to watch movies at home, while others love the theatrical experience. So we try to break down which side of the fence each of us falls on. While ComicYears.com Managing Editor Joshua M. Patton surprises us all with his choice, our movies & TV editor Meghan Hale is very passionate about hers. Both discuss their choices and why exactly one is more appealing over the other.

I’m more on the side of the home viewing experience myself, but that is more dictated by the experience in the theatres, than the movies themselves. But we also do get into what kind of movies lend better to each experience. Some movies might be better viewed in a controlled environment. While others in a crowd can enhance the experience. The answers are just as surprising as well from each of our guests.

Does The Theatrical Experience Come With More Pressure?

Joshua also brings up the sentimental aspects of the theatrical experience, which creates way more memories than home viewing. But on top of the debate, we also discuss what the status quo is going to be once the pandemic improves. Given that a big  reason for movies like Black Widow to be premiering on streaming and theatres, is the global pandemic that has been 2020 and 2021 so far. Joshua brings up now this is not the first time that one industry was at risk when it came to releasing content on a newer different medium.

So check out our conversation in the home vs. theatre podcast on this episode of Comic Years Podcast. Subscribe to the Comic Years Podcast on your favorite podcasting app. Please leave us a review and rating on Apple Podcasts to help others find the show.

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