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Zoe Kravitz Will Be The Batman’s Catwoman

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BY April 11, 2021

After a series of screen tests with various actresses, it is now official. Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman, opposite Robert Pattinson, in Matt Reeves’s The Batman. Here are the details we know so far about her role, including, perhaps, the most surprising part of her casting.

What Role Will Catwoman Play In The Upcoming Movie?

It’s still too early to tell, exactly, what Selina Kyle’s and/or Catwoman’s storyline will be. In other Batman casting news though, Pattinson’s Batman reportedly will face the rogues gallery, which might also include Jonah Hill as The Riddler. It is unknown at this time, though, whom the other rogues might be. Reeves has been hesitant to divulge, for example, whether the other baddies will be old favorites, like the Penguin, or characters new to the screen.

One thing we do know, though, is that we’ll see a more down-to-earth Batman. The film isn’t expected to be as gritty as the recent Joker, but Reeves has described it as a more “noir” take. As such, The Batman will focus more on the superhero’s detective skills than, perhaps, his ability to body slam escapees from Arkham.

How Zoe Kravitz Got The Role And Why It’s A Little Surprising

Casting for Catwoman came down to chemistry tests with Robert Pattinson. A number of actresses tested with Pattinson, including Ella Balinska (cast in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot), Eiza Gonzalez (known for Baby Driver), and Ana de Armas (appearing in the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die). After the initial tests, the film team cut the four (including Kravitz) to two. We don’t know who the other finalist was; only that Zoe Kravitz was ultimately chosen for Catwoman.

Even though Kravitz voiced Catwoman in the The Lego Batman Movie, her casting may come as a surprise to some. That’s because Kravitz has previously tried for a Batman film. In an interview with Nylon magazine in 2015, Kravitz revealed that she had been unable to audition for The Dark Knight Rises. According to her, “…they told me that I couldn’t get an audition for a small role they were casting because they weren’t ‘going urban.'” Mmm-hmm.

Anne Hathaway, of course, played Catwoman in that film–the last appearance of Selina Kyle’s alter ego on film (outside of Lego). Michelle Pfeiffer played the definitive take in 1989’s Batman, according to my extensive self-research of Batman on film. Halle Berry also played the role in the Catwoman standalone, a film that critics widely panned. That was justified, judging by the scene below, the only one I’ve seen. I apologize in advance if any of y’all die in 7 days.

Are you still alive and excited about Zoe Kravitz’s casting? Let us know what you think of Catwoman and The Batman in the comments below or come yell at Joshua on social media for making me (and by extension, you) watch that scene.


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