Zack Snyder Marvel Studios Rumor - MCU Movie Possibly In The Works
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Zack Snyder Marvel Studios Rumor – MCU Movie Possibly In The Works From Justice League Director

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BY April 29, 2022

When James Gunn ended up unceremoniously dumped by Disney after controversy over old tweets, Warner Bros. snatched him up. You know, “cancel culture.” Since that’s not a real thing, James Gunn is currently filming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and the holiday special in Atlanta, George. He’s also the director of The Suicide Squad and he directed (kinda) part of Zack Snyder’s Justice League in the Peacemaker finale. Gunn gets the best of both universes. So, a new rumor that suggests Zack Snyder could get an MCU movie is interesting and not out of character for Marvel Studios. If you know anything about the longtime Marvel and DC Comics rivalry, this kind of stuff happens all the time. When Jack Kirby left Marvel an unhappy artist, DC couldn’t wait to let him loose.

The passion around Zack Snyder and comic book movies is well documented. Fans rallied online – some of them crossing over into toxic territory – in support of Snyder’s vision for the DCEU. Upon the release of his full cut of Justice League, it seemed like they won. Nope. They now clamor for David Ayer’s cut of the original Suicide Squad and the restoration of the “Snyderverse.” While that seems unlikely, they are supporting the director’s new projects like Army of the Dead and Rebel Moon. Marvel Studios would be smart to give Zack Snyder a movie, in or out of the MCU, if only to capitalize on the goodwill of some disappointed DC Fans.

Why the Rumor About Zack Snyder and Marvel Studios Makes Sense, Kinda

Zack Snyder Marvel Studios Rumor MCU Movie Justice League Still Image via HBO Max.

Personally, I enjoy Zack Snyder’s DCEU films, though beyond that I am not all that familiar with his work. He does get some instant respect because his breakthrough film was a remake of Dawn of the Dead, a Pittsburgh classic by the late great George Romero. (Shout out to Monroeville Mall.) Of course passionate cinema fans love having strong opinions, and the mere mention of Zack Snyder’s name can send people into a frenzy for good or ill. With the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, they have to take risks. And, while they are best known for uplifting new talent, Marvel Studios is no stranger to giving an MCU movie to a “name” like Zack Snyder.

Kenneth Branagh and Taika Waitti have both directed Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. In fact, though James Gunn can credit his Guardians for expanding his opportunity pool, he was no novice director. (Also, James Gunn wrote Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. If Zack Snyder is in talks with Marvel Studios for an MCU movie, I would bet a dancing Baby Groot doll Gunn had a hand in it.) The one thing that Warner Bros. is beating Disney at when it comes to superhero movie is that they’re willing to at least flirt with the “R” or “TV-MA” rating. I highly doubt Disney would let one of the Avengers say to another what the Aquaman told the Flash in Peacemaker.

This rumor makes sense because Zack Snyder has a distinct style, and whatever you think of it, it’s different from any MCU movie to this point.

What Would a Zack Snyder MCU Movie Look Like?

Zack Snyder Marvel Studios Rumor MCU Movie Image via Warner Bros.

One other Zack Snyder film I enjoy is his take on Watchmen. I am not as precious about the source material as some fans, and I like when storytellers add their own elements. It felt like a faithful adaptation to me, despite the liberties they took. Many visual and thematic elements carry over from that movie into Snyder’s DCEU work and other comic adaptations, like 300. It’s almost an anti-MCU look. The elements of the DCEU films Synder directed, and the bigger Marvel movies are all fairly spot on. A hero or heroes show up, do some light action, find their friends (and banter), discover their powers, and save the day while wrecking shit in a spectacular fashion.

The MCU films feature bright colors, naïve optimism, and an unreal reality that the embraces the comic book roots. The DCEU Snyder films are the opposite. The colors are muted. The heroes are cynical and there aren’t really any “good guys,” at least in positions of power. The Snyder films do embrace their comic book roots as well, but in a different way. Whether it’s just the muted colors or something else. Best way I can explain it is that he makes “unreality” a little more real. Also, the bloody violence helps with that. We never see a bloody smear on the wall for anyone Captain America thunder kicks.

Though, I wonder if Zack Snyder might not go in a different direction if Marvel Studios asks him to make an MCU movie. It could be his shot to show audiences a more joyous side of superheroes. Either way, it’d be interesting to see.

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon is currently in production.

What do you think? Do you buy Nick Santos of That Hashtag Show‘s rumor that Zack Snyder is being considered for an MCU movie? Do you think that if the Zack Snyder and Marvel Studios rumor pans out, he should do his own thing, separate from the MCU? Share your thoughts, theories, and fan-pitches in the comments below.

Featured image via Zack Snyder’s Twitter


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