Zack Snyder Dragon Ball Movie Could Happen According To The Director
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Do We Want A Zack Snyder-directed Dragon Ball Movie? Hell, Yes!

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BY June 12, 2021

I think it’s safe to say at this point that Zack Snyder is a cultural phenomenon. Ok, while that might be an overstatement, it’s hard to deny the impact the filmmaker has had on the recent pop culture zeitgeist. Almost every statement during every interview makes headlines. And not even in a clickbait-y way, but the man provides substantial information, hot takes, and a lot of revelations of his work, both past and present. Similarly, during his continued promotions of his recent Army Of The Dead original Netflix movie, Snyder dropped yet another super interesting bomb. It’s the possibility of a Zack Snyder Dragon Ball movie, admitted by the man himself, that is exciting fans all over the world. I mean, it’s crazy. But so was this past year of whirlwind Zack Snyder’s news cycle that seems to never end. And given the kind of reveals and potential all this news seems to include, I’m totally okay with that. 

A Zack Snyder Dragon Ball Movie Is Something He Would Consider

After all the Zack Snyder’s Justice League hoopla, Snyder moved on to his original Netflix movie in Army Of The Dead. The new movie is a worthy addition to the zombie genre, as I discussed in our review. It was also one of his first original works after dabbling in comic book adaptations for over 10 years. So Snyder was still promoting the new movie during his appearance on Tyrone Magnus’ YouTube channel. During a discussion,Tyrone asked Snyder if he would ever do a Dragon Ball movie. After some thought, Snyder agreed that he totally would. 

“Yeah, I would consider that. I mean, if it came around, but definitely I would do an anime remake or live-action. That would be fun because I love animation and I’ve been watching a fair amount.”

Anime And Dragon Ball Fans Are Losing Their Minds

Zack Snyder Dragon Ball movie poster. Image via Toei Animation.

This is causing a lot of excitement for fans all over the world. Zack Snyder’s very specific style of adapting comic book movies into live-action movies in a very frame-accurate way is something his fans love. And something that is a testament to fan culture that bucks the studio system, while still being a commercial viable project. So to bring that over into a live-action anime adaptation, would be incredible. 

While the anime fandom is also pretty insanely huge. So those two things coming together seems to be a sure-fire way to create a project that will have an automatic fan following. And on top of it, it’s one of the best anime franchises in the whole wide world. But the track record of live-action anime adaptations haven’t been the best. Everything from the live-action remakes of Ghost In The Shell to Bleach, have always left fans wanting. Let’s not forget the total disaster that even the first live-action Dragon Ball movie was. 

Not The First Live-Action Dragon Ball Movie

Zack Snyder Dragon Ball movie Evolution. Image via Dune Entertainment.

A live-action Dragon Ball movie was attempted back in 2009. Titled Dragonball: Evolution, the movie was a shell of what the original anime was all about. It was a movie full of missteps, the largest of which is the casting of a white actor in the lead role, among a supporting cast of Asian actors. It was odd and off-putting for fans of the franchise. And even general audiences, given the movie holds a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

The Dragon Ball anime, however, and all its subsequent spin-offs, remain one of the most classic and greatest anime franchises ever. In many ways and for many fans, like myself, Dragon Ball was the gateway into modern anime. The franchise is also responsible for bringing anime to Western audiences. So a Zack Snyder Dragon Ball movie would really be something. Especially knowing Snyder’s adeptness in providing depth and meaning to existing properties and adapting them for new audiences. 

Zack Snyder Dragon Ball Movie Just Makes Sense

Zack Snyder Dragon Ball movie Sucker Punch Image via Legendary Pictures

Surprisingly, it’s not even the first time that Snyder has had an association with anime. Tyrone Magnus even referenced this in his questions. One of the director’s earliest movies, Sucker Punch, was a giant fantasy epic that blended influences from various genres. Seeing the movie, it’s clear to see the influence of anime in certain sequences. So a Zack Snyder Dragon Ball movie wouldn’t stray that far out of the filmmaker’s wheelhouse.

Snyder’s new Army Of The Dead franchise is even expanding into an anime prequel titled Army Of The Dead: Lost Vegas. So we’ll have to wait and see if this idea will blossom into an actual project. Even if Snyder doesn’t do a Dragon Ball movie, Snyder’s take on any anime adaptation, or even an original anime project would be extremely interesting. Stay tuned for more developments on this if it happens. 

Snyder’s Army Of The Dead is now streaming on Netflix. 

Would you like to see a Zack Snyder Dragon Ball movie? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured Image Via Toei Animation. 

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