Zack Snyder Confirms Snyder Cut Exists In New Photo

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BY December 6, 2019

Unlike the Star Wars franchise, the Justice League controversy refuses to end as former director Zack Snyder confirms Snyder Cut being absolutely real, with proof. In a picture posted on his Vero account.

Justice League Director’s Cut Recap

Warner Brothers and DC Comics’ ultimate superhero team-up Justice League was a debacle for the studio. After original director Zack Snyder left the film mid-production, Avengers Director Joss Whedon came in to complete the film. The end result was a mish-mash of Snyder’s original vision, that originally began with Man Of Steel, and Whedon’s attempt at a story that began years before his involvement. Justice League’s poor critical and commercial reception made it painfully clear that fans were not happy.

Then rumors began about there being a different cut of the movie, one that Snyder himself shot and finished. The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement began with fans demanding WB release that version of the Justice League. Since then, people have contested and conceded any existence of the Snyder Cut, as it’s known by. Most asserted that it’s just chopped up footage on the floor of the movie’s official editing bay. While others believe there is a full-fledged movie out there that they demand to see.

Many from the cast of Justice League, like Ray Fisher & Jason Momoa, corroborated the existence of the Snyder Cut. The stars even started dropping behind the scenes pictures from Snyder’s version on their respective social media feeds, with Snyder himself sharing never before seen images from the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Batman in Zack Snyder's Cut of JLA Image via Zack Snyder’s Vero

So while the actual Snyder Cut obviously does exist, confirmed by many directly involved, there’s a new debate.

The Latest Debate About The Snyder Cut

The latest debate is with the actual status of Zack Snyder director’s cut of the Justice League movie. The new point against the Snyder Cut is that it’s unfinished. The belief is that a version of Snyder’s original vision exists but in a very bare-bones, unfinished visual effects, and raw cinematic kind of state. This refers to the incomplete status many of the visual effects. Or entire scenes that probably aren’t polished or edited at all; just raw footage from the production. There’s also post-production work of a film that usually includes the actors re-recording the audio for their dialogues, additional sound, music and much more.

And if the revered Snyder Cut is just that, it explains why WB will never release it, given its completely raw nature. While a Documentary may be the best route for its release, the whole thing ever seeing the light of day remains a ‘pipe dream’, according to an insider.

A Completed Snyder Cut Was Finished By Zack Snyder

But now, director Zack Snyder steps in, once again, to stir the pot and weigh in on the debate. He does so by debunking any middle ground in this conversation. The image posted on his social media account on Vero, seemingly directly addresses the claims by the naysayers. Snyder’s image shows 4 fireproof film reel containers labeled as “Z. S. JL Directors Cut. Running Time: 214”.


The labeling right away shows that a completed Director’s Cut of the Justice League exists. The running time further corroborates what Snyder himself has been telling anyone and everyone left and right, about the length of the film. And the canisters themselves reveal a lot more about the state of the Snyder Cut.

As per a discussion on social media site Reddit, many knowledgeable individuals point out why the film comes in the kind of canister as seen in Zack Snyder’s picture.


DISCUSSION: Technical details regarding the JL Director’s Cut photo posted by Zack Snyder. from DC_Cinematic

Spending the money or time required to convert a movie to film is not a small effort. They likely wouldn’t do this unless all its digital effects, sound and music, is complete. It’s like not converting that Word Doc into a PDF file if you still have changes to make.

So it seems like Zack Snyder confirms Snyder Cut is very much real. Very much exists. And most importantly, it is very much finished. But at this point, I’m very skeptical we’ll ever see it. (Unless it leaks.)

Has Zack Snyder’s picture convinced you the Snyder Cut is real? Let us know in the comments below.

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