Netflix's Bright Sequel Now With The Incredible Hulk Director
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Will Smith’s Bright Sequel Replaces Suicide Squad Director With The Incredible Hulk Director

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BY April 2, 2022

Netflix’s Bright sequel has been in development immediately following the success of the original. At the time of its release Bright was one of Netflix’s most streamed movies. Since then, other Netflix blockbusters have overtaken that record. The most recent being Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction. But Bright was still a huge success when it debuted and a big step forward for Netflix originals. The innovative concept, along with major stars and a huge director behind the camera, all attribute to the movie’s success. But now, a new report suggests that David Ayer, original director of Bright, is being replaced with Louis Leterrier for the sequel. 

Bright Was A Game Changer In Many Ways For Its Time

Netflix's Bright sequel Joel Egerton Image via Netflix.

Bright was a huge get for Netflix. The movie was one of the first times that a big name movie star agreed to do an original for the streaming giant. This was before Dolemite Is My Name, The King, Marriage Story or The Irishman. Bright released at a time when big name superstars were only just toying with the idea of going to streaming. Then Netflix wasn’t the huge awards show contender it is now. So when Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and director David Ayer came on board, it was a huge deal. 

Even more so after Bright became a massive success for Netflix at the time. While Netflix’s streaming numbers have always been weirdly suspect, Bright was one of its most watched movies. And it was clear to see why. It featured great stars, amazing effects, a unique concept and major potential for a franchise. Despite that, Bright was pretty universally panned by professional critics, currently with a 28 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While that site’s own ratings are suspect as well, the audience score for the film is a whopping 84 percent. Given the heavy genre content and that it debuted on Netflix, that critics didn’t get it but the audience did doesn’t feel surprising.

Netflix’s Bright Sequel Was Inevitable Given The World Building

Netflix's Bright sequel villain Image via Netflix.

Personally, I was not a fan of Bright. There was something about the movie that felt shallow and superficial. Bright is all about an alternate world where history played out differently than ours. A world where Orcs, Fairies, and magic are very real and commonplace in society. Orcs were basically the minority, drawing parallels to America’s history with racism. But instead of being a deep and meaningful look into that idea, it felt like Bright just replaced one real-word minority group with a fictional fantasy one. Still, the idea is rich with potential.

When a veteran cop (Smith) gets a new Orc partner (Edgerton), sparks fly as the unlikely partners stumble upon a case that tests both their loyalties. David Ayer attempted a movie with a great premise, but fell flat, in my personal opinion. However, numbers matter and if Bright was as big a success for Netflix as they claim, the sequel was inevitable. 

How Netflix’s Bright Sequel Changed Directors

Netflixs Bright sequel Will Smith & Joel Egerton Image via Netflix.

The announcement for Netflix’s Bright sequel came almost immediately following the release of the original. Both the main stars, Smith and Egerton were on board to return, along with director Ayer. However, a recent Deadline reports suggests that Louis Leterrier will be taking over the sequel. Letterier is famous for the original Transporter movies, as well as the Marvel Studios film, The Incredible Hulk. Leterrier’s style is that of slick and engaging action, not to mention his  experience with epic fantasy, having directed Clash Of The Titans. 

Do you think that Louis Leterrier is a good fit for Netflix’s Bright sequel? Let us know in the comments below. 


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