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Why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam Movie Is Delayed Again

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BY November 28, 2022

The two things that the world is going crazy about right now are – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Anti-heroes, and the Rock as Black Adam. The world isn’t black and white anymore, unlike how it used to be. While superheroes were all the rage back in the early era of comic-based movies, the times are changing. Fans have been frantically waiting for the release of the Black Adam movie for quite some time. Why won’t they? With none other than Dwayne Johnson playing Black Adam, expectations are through the roof.

So, when will the movie finally release? Well, this is something that we’ve been asking ourselves every day and we got some news. Unfortunately, there might be a delay, but there’s a silver lining to it – or we think so. Today, we’re gonna tell you why the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam DC movie is not reaching theatres near you soon and when it will. At least, the wait is going to be worth it if we trust our sources! So if you’re one of those people who love villains more than the heroes, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Is Black Adam Delayed?

According to our sources, there’s a very good reason why Black Adam keeps on getting new tentative release dates. The much-awaited movie starring the colossal Dwayne Johnson might be just what the DCEU needs. With many poor-performing titles like Wonder Woman 1984 and Joss Whedon’s Justice LeagueBlack Adam can be the savior that DC needs.

Marvel has dominated the movie scene for more than a decade with its expansive MCU. All the people who’re not into comics but still into superheroes have embraced Marvel’s interconnected cinematic universe. DC has wanted to do the same for a long time but it’s been a series of hits and misses so far. Sure, Aquaman and Wonder Woman were great movies, but what about the other epic failures? It seems like the Rock playing Black Adam is the last chance that DC has at impressing its fans.

While talking to TheWrap, Hiram Garcia – the producer of Black Adam explained what’s happening. The pandemic affected a lot of industries worldwide and Hollywood was no exception. Many movies were put on hold because of the restrictions and the fears that ran rampant. Now that everything has started clearing up, the movies are back on track as well. This means that the VFX studios which were out of business during the global pandemic have started to open up again.

There are a lot of movies in the pipeline, and these studios are continuously working to deliver their targets. Garcia also says that the early cut is ready and VFX is all that remains. A Black Adam movie will obviously be full of fantastical scenes, so it’s understandable why it’s taking so much time. But the good news is that the early cut looks promising and if the team behind production feels this way, we’re more than happy to take their word for it!

When Is Black Adam’s DC Debut?

Anyone who’s bummed out by this news need not worry. First of all, it’s great that a movie like Black Adam is not being rushed to release. We all know that half-baked movies are terrible and spoil the viewing experience. Black Adam is DC’s answer to Venom as both are anti-heroes at best and villains at worst. Right now, it’s a critical project because it’s a very unique proposition to bring such a character to the limelight.

The initial release date was July 29, but not anymore, and that’s not completely bad. DC League of Super-Pets will now release on this day and there’s more to it. Remember that silver lining we talked about? Dwayne Johnson will be voicing Krypto the Superdog for this movie. So even though we might not get to see the Rock as Black Adam, we’ll get to hear him soon enough!

As far as the rescheduled release date of Black Adam is concerned, we do have a tentative date. You can keep your fingers crossed until Oct 21 because that’s when DC’s Black Adam is supposed to release. There’s a silver lining in this new date if you can look close enough. The delay means that we won’t be getting a dumpster fire that’s incomplete. The Dwayne Johnson starter Balck Adam might just be the stimulus that DCEU needs to reinvigorate itself.



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