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Who Is Polka-Dot Man? A Look At The Suicide Squad Characters

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BY April 27, 2021

Earlier this month, The Suicide Squad trailer dropped much to the excitement of comic enthusiasts everywhere. There were explosions, quippy one-liners, and…questions. Who is this shark-man ripping people apart? Is that girl attracting all the rats? For hardcore DCEU fans, these characters might already be familiar (the correct answers to the previous questions are King Shark and yes, she’s Ratcatcher 2), but for others, it’ll be the first time hearing about these supervillains. Fear not though! I’m going to be writing a series of posts looking at each of the new characters, including today’s post: who is Polka-Dot Man?

So Who Is Polka-Dot Man And What Are His Powers?

Polka-Dot Man aka Mister Polka-Dot (alias: Abner Krill) was first introduced in the 1960s as a minor villain in the Batman franchise. His powers come from the advanced technology in his suit’s polka dots, which can be removed and transformed into items to aid him in his villainous acts. He controls the polka dots via his belt and each polka dot color does something different, most notably:

  • The red polka dot turns into the Flying Buzzsaw Dot, which has a rotating circular saw blade attached to it and can be thrown like a ninja star.
  • The yellow polka dot also known as the Flying Saucer Dot, which is a flat, man-sized glider that Polka-Dot Man could escape on. It was controlled by a series of buttons and switches on Polka-Dot Man’s belt.
  • The gold polka dot otherwise known as the Sun Dot. It acts as a projectile and emits a blinding light similar to a flare.
  • The white polka dot, also called the Bubble Dot. This dot could expand into a translucent flying capsule which could also be used as a getaway vehicle.
  • The black polka dot or the “hole.” It opens up into a teleportation transport system.
  • The red, yellow, and orange polka-dots could also be used as flying “fists.” When they were thrown at close range, they bounced off and created a concussive effect

The Beginnings Of Polka-Dot Man

who is polka dot man Image via DC Comics

When Batman was first introduced by DC Comics, it led to a whole host of villains who used Gotham City as their playground, including the formerly named Mister Polka-Dot, who was the brainchild of artist Sheldon Moldoff and writer and Batman-co-creator Bill Finger. For reasons unknown, Abner Krill decided to launch a crime wave against Batman and Robin as Mister Polka Dot. In Detective Comics #300 (February, 1962), he successfully kidnapped Robin, but Batman was able to rescue him.

In the late 20th century (1996 to be exact), readers were once again introduced to Abner Krill in the first issue of Batman: GCPD. Finding himself unemployed and penniless, Krill decides to once again turn to crime, this time as Polka-Dot Man. In later years, Polka-Dot Man would work with a new group of villains under the powerful General Immortus. They would later be undone when they were betrayed by the Human Flame. Most were killed in the resulting battle, including Polka-Dot Man, whose head was crushed after a manhole cover landed on it.

In the film, Polka-Dot Man will be played by recognizable actor (and comic book creator and enthusiast) David Dastmalchian. He’s previously appeared in the Ant-Man films, 12 Monkeys, Gotham, The Flash and countless other shows and films. Interestingly, according to IMDB, his first film role was as one of the Joker’s thugs in The Dark Knight.

The Suicide Squad debuts in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6, 2021.

Are you excited to see Polka-Dot Man in action? Also, check out our post about the history of Harley Quinn for more Suicide Squad content! Let us know what you’re looking forward to and excited about in the comments below.

Featured image via Warner Bros.

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