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What To Watch At Home – 5 Picks To Stay Home!

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BY June 18, 2022

Are you wondering what to watch at home? We’re the same, a lot of the time! Luckily, Polygon recently released a fantastic list of recommendations. Below, you’ll find something for all tastes.

There are horror, comedy, and thrillers to choose from. And, you can watch them all from the comfort of your couch. Of course, not all of them are available on Netflix. But, any film enthusiast will probably have access to them anyway.

It doesn’t really matter what you like. We’ve chosen a complete list for everyone. Of course, you can always read the original article for more suggestions.

Morbius is the ultimate “what to watch at home” on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu

What to watch at home: morbius

Who can forget Morbius? It doesn’t matter whether it was good or not. The memes alone have made it something to remember. There’s even a possible sequel solely because of them.

You might have watched it on Twitch already. But, in case you missed it, you’re still in luck. It’s getting streamed on a bunch of platforms. That includes Apple, which ranks number 1.

The latest Marvel movie is an antihero story. It stars Jared Leto as the doctor who turned into a vampire, Michael Morbius. It follows his story after testing a cure for a rare blood disease. Furthermore, it turns him into the creature we’ve all come to know and love.

The Worst Person In The World on Hulu

The Worst Person In The World is a great answer to what to watch at home. It’s the third film in the Oslo Trilogy by Joachim Trier. And, it’s filled with everything you need to have a nice afternoon on your couch.

It’s a romantic black comedy. Maybe they’re two of the rarest types of comedy to combine. But hey, it seems to work perfectly!

It centers on Julie, played by Renate Reinsve. She’s a medical student who stumbles between love experiences and her career. We get to follow her through four of her life years.

The film is a character exploration of Julie’s delayed maturity. It also centers on her emotional hang-ups over love and life in general. It’s a perfect film to feel identified by while having a chuckle or two.

Mad God is ideal for what to watch at home for spooks on Shudder

Mad God spent 30 years in the making. And, the results speak for themselves. It’s a nightmarish odyssey set in a dystopian world. It’s filled with Boschian grotesqueries and ghostly landscapes.

It comes from the hand of VFX artist and director, Phil Tippett. So, of course, it has the visuals to back the hype. In fact, many agree that the story is only secondary. The visuals are the real reason to watch it.

Still, there’s definitely a story. It follows a shadowy figure known as The Assassin. He descends into a strange world of titans and monsters. What’s his quest? We don’t know. But boy, do the visuals keep you glued to the screen.

Lunana: A Yak In The Classroom on Netflix

Lunana: A Yak In The Classroom is a great answer to what to watch at home. It’s a drama about a Bhutan teacher who has dreams of being a singer. Yet, he gets assigned a classroom in a tiny mountain village.

Regardless of the aforementioned Yak, the film is quite touching. It’s a great story about dealing with your dreams and reality.

Collision on Netflix

Finally, we’ve got Collision. It’s a South African crime thriller from Fabien Martorell. Previously, he worked on documentaries and short films. So, this one’s his first long film debut.

Now, the movie happens in Johannesburg and follows a young woman’s kidnapping. It goes through her parents’ efforts to save her.



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