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Voltes V Legacy: The Enduring Appeal of an Anime Classic

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BY March 31, 2023

The announcement of a live-action adaptation of the 1977-78 Japanese robot anime “Choudenji Machine Voltes V (Five)” in the Philippines has sparked excitement among fans. Titled “Voltes V Legacy,” the TV series is set to air this year and promises to revive the beloved classic.


Overview of the Voltes V Popularity

Voltes V Legacy: The Cinematic Experience' trailer released | GMA News Online

The anime has a strong following in the Philippines. With a record-breaking peak audience rating of 58% during its original broadcast. The enduring appeal of “Voltes V” can be attributed to the nostalgia it brings to older viewers who grew up with the show. Also, to the super robot’s ability to captivate children.


It has become a cultural icon in the Philippines and continues to hold a special place in the hearts of its fans across generations. With the upcoming live-action remake, the Philippines has the opportunity to introduce the new generation of viewers to the timeless charm of “Voltes V.”


It’s  Not Just a Super Robot

Commentary: The Early Success of the "Voltes V: Legacy" Trailer and What "Power Rangers" Could Possibly Learn From It - DryedMangoez.com

Voltes V, the anime about a group of youths piloting a giant robot to defend Earth against an alien invasion, has garnered praise for its gripping storytelling that explores discrimination issues through the lens of the Boazanian Star. Widely regarded as a masterpiece of early anime, its popularity has extended beyond Japan. It has even reached the Philippines, where it has been broadcasted on television nine times.


According to Cheng Chua, the first broadcast of Voltes V in 1978 achieved a peak audience rating of 58%, causing a nationwide frenzy. However, the show was eventually canceled due to public pressure over its perceived violence, with citizens submitting a petition to the government to stop the broadcast.


Voltes V has enjoyed sporadic reruns over the years. Still, it was not until a complete rerun in 1999 that the anime’s popularity truly reignited, making it a national sensation that transcended generations. The show has been broadcasted numerous times since then, with updated dubbing and other enhancements, cementing its status as a beloved national anime in the Philippines. In fact, some Filipinos can even sing the anime’s theme song in Japanese!


The Live-Action Adaptation of Voltes V

GMA Network, the biggest local free-to-air TV station, produced the live action adaptation, with the help of Toei, the original anime’s production company, to ensure the quality of the robot’s design and other aspects. The production has also cast young and famous actors. In the trailer released by GMA on a video-sharing website in January, Voltes V is depicted in stunning CGI, showcasing the robot’s power and might. The trailer has already garnered over 2.5 million views in just three months, attesting to the high interest in the upcoming TV series.


According to Toei and others involved in the production, plans for a live-action adaptation had been in the works for some time. But delays due to factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic caused the broadcast to be pushed back.


Regarding the popularity of the series in the Philippines, Cheng Chua analyzed that the use of robots in a dramatic storyline, combined with the fact that anime was a new genre with limited content at the time, contributed to its success. While some attribute the high ratings to the storyline’s themes of “resistance against authoritarianism” during the period of martial law under President Marcos’ dictatorship. Nonetheless, Cheng Chua dismisses this as a “myth.” However, he does point out that the nostalgia for those who lived through the martial law era may have also contributed to its current popularity.


Experience it First on the Big Screen


Get ready to experience the epic retelling of the beloved classic anime, ‘Voltes V’, in a larger-than-life cinematic format! ‘Voltes V Legacy: The Cinematic Experience’ takes you on a thrilling journey into the first three weeks of the series. It will immerse you in the heart-pumping action and touching story of familial love amidst the ongoing war between two forces. The fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of the Voltes team and their super robot, Voltes V, as they fight to defend Earth from complete annihilation.

Meet the Complete Main Cast of the Filipino Live-Action Series 'Voltes V: Legacy' - ClickTheCity

Join the star-studded cast, including (from L-R) Raphael Landicho, Radson Flores, Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Matt Lozano, and many more, as they bring this iconic series to life on the big screen. Experience the drama, the action, and the heart of ‘Voltes V’ like never before, as you witness the birth of a new legend. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime cinematic event that will leave you on the edge of your seat!


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