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Uncharted Plane Fight Scene Clip Just Released By Sony

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BY January 6, 2022

The upcoming Uncharted movie just released a new scene following their second trailer, and it’s exactly what we want from a fun adventure movie based on a huge, well-loved franchise. Something we haven’t gotten enough of in the last 5 years are adventure movies that know exactly what they are, and that goes doubly so with video game adaptations. Posted on January 4th, an extended clip of the Uncharted Plane Fight scene is exactly what we needed to get ready for the premiere next month. 

It’s So Beautifully Video-Gamey 

If there are two genres of movies that get away with a lot of goofy stuff while still looking cool, it’s video game and adventure movies. This clip of the Uncharted plane fight scene leans into how ludicrously cool the same scene is in Uncharted 3, and it does it masterfully. The scene starts with Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Sully in a deal gone wrong that quickly turns to gunfire. Drake pulls a cord on the plane’s cargo, and everything flies out, including our hero, who barely catches one of the crates, all of which are barely still dangling from the plane by some rope. 

Uncharted Plane Fight Image via Sony Pictures Releasing.

It’s not there, but it feels like you should be able to see some quicktime commands come up on the screen as Holland leaps from crate to crate like some kind of bug-based fight-gymnast. It’s a beautiful thing when movies trust you know how to suspend your disbelief. Sure, Nathan Drake probably shouldn’t be able to stand up on one of those crates dangling from a plane, and he probably shouldn’t be able to duke it out with some nameless henchman while he’s out there. And maybe if one actually tried leaping from crate to crate while cruising through the air, they’d earn that Darwin award so dang fast. But none of that matters because it looks cool, and that’s what we’re in this for. Nobody asked why Leon from Resident Evil 4 could eat some plants and immediately recover from bullet wounds, and we’re not going to start asking those questions with Uncharted.  The young Nathan Drake fights his way against the wind and a henchman who is so dedicated that he’s still shooting even while he’s also dangling from a plane like a banner above the beach. He claws his way to the last box,  makes a heroic leap, and returns safely to the cargo bay. Then Sophia Taylor Ramseyer Ali’s Chloe Frazer hits him with a car. It’s the perfect scene, with no action movie counterpart since Bond rode a Lamborghini out of a plane in Die Another Day

Uncharted Plane Fight Image via Sony Pictures Releasing.

The Uncharted Plane Fight Clip Gives Us More Hope

Until pretty recently, video game movies didn’t really get the dedication to quality they deserved. Yes, the old Mortal Kombat movies are classics and you should continue to watch them every year while you and your friends shout “get over here” at each other until you’re raw in the throat. But for the most part, video game movies have only just started getting the attention and the budget they deserve. Between this clip and the two trailers we’ve already seen for Uncharted it manages to look like a fun movie that also holds true to the source material. Uncharted 3 had this plane fight scene, and there are a ton of easter eggs throughout the trailers referencing the games. And while Tom Holland may not look quite like the Nathan Drake we know (who is the perfect fusion of Sebastian Stan and Nathan Fillion) but he has the right feel. And he’s supposed to be younger in this anyway. 

Uncharted Plane Fight clip Image via Sony Pictures Releasing.

Sony seems like it’s aiming high with Uncharted. This is a series that has been around since the PS3, that’s a 14-year legacy that they’re building from. This movie has the talent, the look, and it just feels like it’s Uncharted. It’s over the top but still grounded in the characters and their chemistry. At this pre-release stage, we’re cautiously optimistic, even if it was a devastating blow to see Sully’s shaven face, utterly mustache-less. Our only consolation is knowing Tom Holland was playing Uncharted while filming No Way Home

Even if you haven’t played the Uncharted games, this should still be a fun movie. It’s a prequel, so not knowing the source material may preclude you from catching easter eggs and seeing where the story is leading later in Drake and Sully’s lives, but it still looks like a good time. How long has it been since you saw a plane fight scene? That’s what Uncharted is bringing to the table, along with beautiful cinematography, stunning set design, and some characters that should be enjoyable enough that you could reasonably see them being the focal point of nearly a decade and a half of games. 

Uncharted is coming to theaters February 18, 2022, and we can’t wait to see it! 

What do you think this movie needs to be a good Uncharted adaptation? Tell us about it in the comments! 

Featured image via Sony Pictures Releasing


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