Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Dropped By Tom Cruise At SDCC 2019!

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BY August 16, 2019

Top Gun symbolized the best of ’80s movies and became an instant classic. 34 years later, the sequel will continue the story of one of cinema’s most iconic heroes. The first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick premiered on July 18th, at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Top Gun was an action drama that successfully combined elements of testosterone-driven action with softer romance. Director Tony Scott also managed to package it all within the never before seen setting of aerial combat. 

Top Gun told the story of Maverick, (Tom Cruise) a fighter pilot sent to the Navy’s most elite school to learn a thing or two. While there, Maverick and his co-pilot Goose (Anthony Edwards) cross paths with the school’s top pilot, Iceman (Val Kilmer), as they compete for the best pilot trophy. In between all this Maverick finds love in the form of his flight instructor Charlotte (Kelly McGillis).

Tom Cruise at at SDCC 2019
Photo Credit: Chris Pizzello / Invision / Associated Press

The story takes a dramatic turn when the death of Goose causes Maverick to lose all confidence in his abilities, forcing him to contemplate retirement. Top Gun, despite seeming like a superficial action movie, has many layers, as well as the growth of its main character, portrayed by a very young Cruise.

The sequel, titled Top Gun: Maverick, will look to continue that journey for the same character, with new challenges as pilots become obsolete in an age of drones. As well as a reminder from his past that returns to haunt him. 

The Comic-Con Surprise!

The trailer for the new sequel came as a huge surprise for all of us. At the end of the Terminator: Dark Fate panel at Hall H, moderator Conan O’Brian invited a special guest. Tom Cruise took to the stage to premiere the trailer to the attendants of the con.

Before the trailer, Cruise shared the special connection of Top Gun to San Diego, reminding everyone where the original film was shot 34 years ago. Cruise also assured fans that all the planes, the flying, and action in the film are completely real. 

Development Of The Sequel

While the new trailer dropped at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), the sequel has been in development for years. With original director Tony Scott on board at one time, the development of the movie more become complicated after his suicide. However, with Cruise still interested, as well as Top Gun alum Val Kilmer expressing desire the return, the film is now looking at a release date of June 26, 2020.

The New Director

The director for Top Gun: Maverick is Joseph Kosinski. Kosinski’s credits include Oblivion, where he previously worked with Cruise. The film didn’t do too well, but the actor and director worked well enough together to reunite for Maverick. 

Teaser Poster of Top Gun: Maverick at SDCC 2019
Image via Paramount

While I’m not sure how Kosinski will handle Scott’s legacy and hold on to the spirit of the original Top Gun, he was in a similar situation when he adeptly handled the Tron franchise decades later with Tron: Legacy.

The New Trailer

This trailer to Top Gun: Maverick can be classified as a teaser trailer. The trailer introduces us to what Maverick’s been up to for all these years (not much), followed by glimpses of amazing action sequences and a sizzle reel of all the actors in various scenes. 

The look of the movie is very much reminiscent of Top Gun; the color palette, cinematography, and even scenes bear many similarities. Diehard fans will be ecstatic to finally have confirmation that there is indeed what looks to be a shirtless volleyball scene. 

The new actors to enter the franchise are Ed Harris, looking like Maverick’s weathered commanding officer. Jon Hamm appears in one scene looking very gruff and tumble. Jennifer Connelly can be seen looking gorgeous, presumably playing Cruise’s love interest. Miles Teller appears in a blink and miss scene as well, playing Goose’s son who will be joining Top Gun. This will undoubtedly bring back Maverick’s trauma over the guilt of his friend’s death, and be the focus of the plot.

The action in this new movie will something to behold. Since the original Top Gun, Cruise has become known for doing all of his stunts and giving audiences incredibly new things to witness. Top Gun: Maverick seems like a new opportunity to do just that with incredibly aerial combat scenes and innovative point-of-view shots from within the cockpit.

What did you think of the Top Gun: Maverick trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 


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