TNT Drama Tweets, Deletes Praise For Henry Cavill As Superman
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TNT Drama Tweets, Then Deletes Praise For Henry Cavill As Superman (And Fans Noticed)

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BY September 10, 2020

As with everything related to the Zack Snyder-led DC Extended Universe of movies Superman as portrayed by Henry Cavill seems to be controversial. A hashtag in support of the actor’s turn in the iconic blue tights trended on Twitter this weekend, after TNT Drama sent a tweet that got a lot of response. The reaction, however, seems to have ruffled some feathers and the tweet is now gone from their timeline. Yet, it was up long enough for fans of the Henry Cavill version of Superman to get the topic trending on the social media platform. Almost all of the tweets in the top results extoll the virtue of the latest take on the characters. Yet, not everyone was pleased.

Some fans didn’t like this version of the character, because he was not as much of a boy scout as he’d been in the past. Instead of being greeted with open arms by his adopted country, America reacted to Superman with fear and anger. (As did Ben Affleck’s Batman!) Still, the tweet was enough for fans to demand Henry Cavill return as Superman in DC films. Worth noting, this wasn’t the only tweet about this Superman and his black suit.

Since Comic-Con in 2019, we know that Henry Cavill is interested in playing Superman again. In fact, reports broke in may that he was in negotiations to return to the role but in a supporting role in other heroes’ films. Yet, in July, (when he last spoke about it) he seemed to deny the rumor that any active negotiations were happening. Yet, with Michael Keaton back as Batman and the exploration of the multiverse, it seems like literally anything is possible.

Currently, Henry Cavill is wrapped up in shooting season 2 of The Witcher.

What do you think? Do you want Henry Cavill to return as Superman? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

UPDATE: A helpful reader informed us that the hashtag was actually started, like almost everything with the DCEU, by fans.

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