Justice League Snyder Cut Documentary Would Be A Smart Move By WB
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The Snyder Cut Is A ‘Pipe Dream’; But Why Not Release A Justice League Snyder Cut Documentary Instead?

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BY May 20, 2022

The saga of the Snyder Cut is one that keeps going. Much like many conspiracy theories and unconfirmed reports, it’s a story that just won’t go away. In a recent Variety report, a knowledgeable insider from Warner Bros., the studio that produced the divisive Justice League, commented on the entire thing being a pipe dream. But if so, a Justice League Snyder Cut documentary might make a lot more sense.

A Quick Recap Of The Justice League Snyder Cut Saga

Justice League was the team-up movie for the DC Extended Universe, a la Marvel Studio’s Avengers. However, with the studio chasing Marvel Studio’s formula and success, it was a rush job, and it showed. Especially when tragedy struck.

Poster for potential Justice League Snyder Cut Documentary Image via WB.

Director Zack Snyder ushered in the modern-day DCEU with his first film about SupermanMan Of Steel in 2013. He continued with Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice. However, during the Justice League, a personal tragedy forced him to step away. Avengers director Joss Whedon came in to complete the film. However, there are reports that Whedon was already working on the movie, even before Snyder stepped away, supposedly because the studio was unhappy with Snyder’s vision.

In any case when the film released in 2017, the end product was a hodgepodge Franken-movie of both directors, with the story, connections to other films, and ultimate end result dramatically different from what Snyder started in 2013. Quickly soon after, reports of the existence of a Justice League Snyder Cut, a version of the film that has Snyder’s original vision, circulated the industry.

The Justice League Snyder Cut Exists And Is Out There

As covered by yours truly last summer, the Justice League Snyder Cut is real. It exists. Various comments, confirmations, and interviews by all involved in the movie have confirmed it. People such as director Snyder himself, the stars Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and many others, including recently Ben Affleck (Batman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) have shown their support to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. An online movement of fans that want to see Snyder’s original vision.

Nerd God Kevin Smiths’ Podcast has even featured fans that have seen early test screenings of what would become the Snyder Cut, as well as a leaked list from someone inside the movie that broke down all the changes between the Justice League Snyder Cut and the theatrical version.

So let’s put to bed whether the Snyder Cut exists or not. It’s gone much more beyond a myth now.

What Version Of The Justice League Snyder Cut Will We Ever Get

What we can debate, however, is the state of the Snyder Cut. Given that Snyder was unavailable to finish the film, many visual effects remain incomplete. This is also the reason why many feel that WB will never release the Snyder Cut, given the amount of money it will take to complete the film.

But, again, there is enough of a Cut for a coherent story to follow, as stated openly by certain fans, on Kevin Smiths’ Podcast, who were audiences at the test screening for that cut.

HBO Max Was Going To Have The Snyder Cut, But May Not

Recently, Affleck and Gadot joined the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement by sharing the hashtag on their social media. Director, Snyder, like and shared it, as well as HBO Max’s official social media. This spurred many theories that WB’s new streaming services will finally have the Snyder Cut on their streaming platform. The report by Variety, however, shuts those theories down. But what I can’t understand, is why not?

Logo for HBO Max, potential home for a Justice League Snyder Cut Documentary Image via HBO.

Snyder Cut Doesn’t Need To Be Finished With More Money

As mentioned earlier, the biggest reason that all assume WB will never release the Snyder Cut is due to the money needed to finish the visual effects of the movie. But why? Why do the visual effects need finishing?

The behind the scenes, or making off videos released on Blu-ray special features often show unfinished scenes and sequences of a film. The recent Avengers: Endgame sequences on Disney+ is a great example of how deleted scenes enhance and further conversation of an already great movie. Not to mention how Disney+ is creating even more interest in their streaming app, with movie extras not released in the home video versions. Something that WB Could emulate with their streaming service in HBO Max.

Given the time and energy fans have spent wanting to see where Snyder’s version of the movie was going to go, I’m sure they will not care about some sequences being in green screen, or even storyboards at this point. Clearly, there is enough of a cut that follows an actual story for WB to have done test screenings. So what’s the problem?

Why Not A Justice League Snyder Cut Documentary?

And if releasing the bare-bones version of an incomplete movie is not feasible, repackage it. Why not repackage and rebrand the Snyder Cut into a documentary, supplementing the incomplete material with actual narration by the filmmaker or others into what happened during those sequences. I mean, just look at the cult status of The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? by the late Jon Schnepp; a documentary about the failed Superman movie starring Nicolas Cage.

This way, WB can also control the narrative around what happened with the Justice League Snyder Cut. As I mentioned in my previous #ReleaseTheSnyderCut piece, Ann Sarnoff is now the CEO Of Warner Bros. The Justice League fiasco did not happen under her watch. So she doesn’t need to take responsibility over what happened, since it was before her time.

A Justice League Snyder Cut Documentary could be like Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? Image via Schnepp Zone Inc.

Not to mention, a repacking could possibly even make WB more money, by repurposing content that they already have and that there is clearly an interest in. And at a time when films re-releasing in theatres with minutes of extra-footage, and raking in a few million more dollars is the norm, why not invest in a Snyder Cut documentary. Doing on-camera interviews, narration and editing content they already own would be insignificant compared to completing visual effects.

However, until WB listens to me, no plans exist for the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut. 

Would you watch a documentary about the Justice League Snyder Cut? Let us know in all our social media profiles.

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