The Rocketeer Disney Plus Reboot to Serve as Cult Classic
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The Rocketeer Disney Plus Reboot to Serve as Cult Classic Sequel

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BY September 13, 2021

When fans of Disney films think of the 90s, they most often think of the Disney Renaissance. From around 1989 to 1999, Walt Disney Animation pushed boundaries and told some of its finest stories. The daring, out-of-the-ordinary nature of the company’s film aspirations didn’t stop at the animation department. A great example is 1991’s The Rocketeer. The film is a superhero movie based on comic books, a genre Disney knows well by now. It was also a period piece filled with Nazi German defectors, FBI agents, and a really compelling main character. The Rocketeer is a cult classic to this day and a new Disney Plus reboot will serve as the sequel it never earned due to poor box office performance. Here’s what we know about the project and the talents attached to it.

What We Know About The Rocketeer Disney Plus Reboot

the rocketeer disney plus reboot Image Credit: Disney

Per Deadline, The Rocketeer is getting the sequel that never was with a Disney Plus project tentatively titled The Return of the Rocketeer. In the 90s upon its release, Disney planned multiple sequels for the comic book adaptation, which was based on the 80s Pacific Comics series from writer and artist Dave Stevens. The film earned $46 million on a $35 million budget, far from what the company hoped for. The series hasn’t gone untouched since then, however. IDW republished many of the original comics in 2009 and featured an anthology collection from guest authors titled The Rocketeer: Jet-Pack Adventures in 2014. A short-lived Disney Junior series, sharing the name of the original film, ran from 2019-2020.

David and Jessica Oyelowo will produce the reboot together under their Yoruba Saxon company. Ed Ricourt will write the project, which might also star David Oyelowo as well. The “sequel” of sorts will actually be a reboot that introduces a new Rocketeer. The Disney Plus story will focus on a retired Tuskegee airman who takes up the Rocketeer mantle upon finding a curious jetpack-type machine.

Disney is hoping for more live-action success with its films. Recently, a Jungle Cruise Sequel confirmed the return of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt to another go at the Amazon. Likewise, a Cruella sequel is already in development. I think The Rocketeer could be a great franchise to reintroduce right now. People love superhero movies as Disney and Marvel Studios know well. They also love when superhero stories can go outside of the traditional mold and offer something different. If you’re excited about seeing a The Rocketeer reboot on Disney Plus, then let us know in the comments!

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