Netflix's Project Power Trailer Is A Super-powered Sci-Fi Crime Thriller
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The Project Power Trailer Is Netflix’s Super-powered Sci-Fi Crime Thriller

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BY July 16, 2020

Netflix’s streak of creating interesting and original movies continues with their latest Project Power. After the recent successes of original movies like Extraction and The Old Guard, the streamer is now backing a new sci-fi original crime thriller. With some heavyweight names on-screen, Netflix’s Project Power trailer makes the movie one to look out for when it releases this summer. 

Netflix’s Project Power Is An Original Science Fiction Movie About Superpowers

Netflixs Project Power trailer pill. Image via Netflix.

The Project Power trailer looks to be a completely original take on the concept of superpowers. There don’t seem to be any superheroes here, but plenty of real-world problems under the science fiction setting. Project Power is about a pill that grants you 5 minutes of superpowers. What your power is, and how it will manifest is a mystery until you try the pill yourself. It’s a very novel concept and it’s almost surprising that this took so long to come into the mainstream. Especially when you consider that the Bradley Cooper starring Limitless, featuring a similar concept, was both a movie and a TV series.

The world of Project Power is about how selling this pill is essentially an underground trade, like that of drug dealing. Obviously, what the pill offers is appealing to specific type of people, namely criminals of all kinds. And along with it comes all the complexities of criminal organizations, underground deals, cops and all of the tropes of a usual crime thriller. But with superpowers this time. The setting of Project Power looks very well thought out, and offers potential for interesting parallels to real-world issues. Now that mainstream audiences are more familiar with superhero stories, films not based on pre-existing characters or worlds can find audiences they might not have otherwise.

Jamie Foxx Does A Much Better Liam Neeson Than Liam Neeson

Netflixs Project Power trailer JGL Image via Netflix.

Netflix’s Project Power trailer shows off its leading man, Jamie Foxx, back in a lead action role. On top of dealing with everything going on in this world with people potentially abusing this new pill, for Foxx’s character, it’s personal. Along for the ride with him, and his access into this underworld is a Dominique Fishback’s character, who sells this power drug and seems to have an almost religious faith in them.

The trailer reveals Foxx’s hardened badass is also the source of the drug. The villains kidnapped his daughter. The trailer implies that his daughter came up with the formula for the power pill. As a result, the bad guys are holding her hostage. It’s Taken meets Limitless meets Bright? That last part is what’s more concerning to me personally. Bright was one of Netflix’s first original movies with similarly impressive world building. What they did with it was ultimately a shame, as the story was never on the same level as the setting. Here’s hoping that Project Power doesn’t meet the same fate. 

Project Power Trailer  Is Also A Crime Drama In A Sci Fi World

The superpowered shenanigans of Project Power looks very cool on-screen. The special effects are on par with what we usually see in superhero movies. But there’s more to Project Power than just being superhero-adjacent. The movie also looks very much like your usual crime thriller. That particular element of Project Power is further enhanced with the inclusion of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character. There does seem to be some darkness to him as well. If there is an addiction story here at all, it’s like with his character who seems to frequently use the power drug.  

Project Power Could Be Another Hit For Netflix

Jaimie Foxx. Image via Netflix.

Netflix’s original movies have had trouble before sticking the landing when it comes to their original movies. Bright received mixed reviews, mostly from fans who couldn’t connect to the characters or story. Despite Extraction’s success, it faced similar criticisms about lack of narrative depth. Hopefully, the unique concept of Netflix’s Project Power doesn’t get lost in the execution, and the idea lives up to the actual finished product. Either way, in all cases, these films are fun action romps that are all the more worth your time if you’re already stuck at home. 

Project Power releases on Netflix on August 14.

What did you think of Netflix’s Project Power trailer? Let us know in the comments below. 



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