Guy Pearce & Christoph Waltz To Star In The Portable Door Adaptation
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Guy Pearce And Christoph Waltz Will Go Through The Portable Door Adaptation

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BY February 21, 2020

An adaptation of the popular comedic fantasy series The Portable Door is on the way, starring Guy Pearce and Christoph Waltz. The project is described as “Harry Potter meets The Office” and centers around an office environment where things are a bit out of the ordinary. Patrick Gibson (The OA) is also due to star in the project.

The Portable Door Adaptation Sounds Like It Should Be A TV Show

The Portable Door is the first book in a series by British author Tom Holt. Published in 2003, the urban fantasy is only one entry in Holt’s vast catalogue of work. The number of the books in the series makes this project more suitable for the silver screen than a film. A television adaptation could be a big hit, and give the showrunners enough time to cover material from more books. We will just have to wait and see who buys the rights to the adaptation, and how it will play out for viewers.

Jeffrey Walker will direct the project based on a screenplay by Leon Ford. He also seems to be more comfortable directing for television. He has credits for shows like Modern Family and Difficult People to his name. Walker appears to be a comedic director, with little experience in genre film or television. So it is likely that the project will focus on the humorous elements of Holt’s books.

The Portable Door Adaptation Image via Orbit Books

The Jim Henson Company Could Bring Puppets To Play

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news this week and gave a synopsis of what to expect from the adaptation.

“In The Portable Door, Paul Carpenter, a new intern at the mysterious London firm J.W. Wells & Co., becomes steadily aware that his employers are anything but conventional. Charismatic villain Humphrey Wells (Waltz), the CEO of the company, is disrupting the world of magic by bringing modern corporate strategy to ancient magical practices. Dennis Tanner (Pearce) is the shape-shifting goblin trapped in the organization’s middle management. Paul Carpenter (Gibson) is the lowly, put-upon intern who discovers the true agenda of the vast corporation where they work.”

The Jim Henson Company will produce the film, riding high on the success of their recent Dark Crystal reboot for Netflix. There is a high amount of fantastical creatures that could appear in The Portable Door. It seems likely that the Henson Company will bring some of their stellar puppets to play in the adaptation. The books cover a range of creatures from faeries to goblins, and puppetry feels like it would blend better with the real-world comedic elements than CGI.

The project has actually been in the works for years. Todd Fellman from Story Bridges Films has been working with the Jim Henson Company since 2013 to bring an adaptation of The Portable Door to life. The project will film in Australia, although there is no word on when principal photography will begin shooting.

It is rare to see a successful fantasy comedy, so you know we will be keeping an eye on this project and updating as more news comes out. Stay up to date by following Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today!



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